Who Benefits More from Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring?

It’s a Win-Win for Customers and ProGas Alike!

tank monitor ohioIf you haven’t already, it’s time to put technology to work for you with wireless propane tank monitoring from ProGas!

Our wireless propane tank monitoring from Tank Utility uses wireless and cellular technology to keep us—and you—informed 24/7 of precisely how much propane is in your tank.

Both customers AND ProGas benefit when you use wireless propane tank monitoring. It helps us to improve how we do our job—while also providing you with peace of mind.

How Do Customers Benefit from Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring?

You don’t have to do a thing! With ProGas’ wireless tank monitoring, the uncertainty behind ensuring you have adequate propane is gone. An alert is immediately sent to us—as well as you—whenever your propane tank gauge reaches a designated level (usually around 30% full). At that point, our Keep Full automatic delivery customers will have a delivery immediately scheduled.

Your life becomes easier. Life can get busy, and if checking your propane tank gauge levels is forgotten, you could be facing the hassle and expense of an emergency propane delivery if you run low on propane—or have a run-out. With wireless tank monitoring, you leave the work to us! This also comes in handy when you’re traveling or away from home, because you’ll always come home to enough propane in your tank.

You’re better informed. You’ll get access to the Tank Utility App in addition to the wireless tank monitor. The tool allows you to check your propane tank levels at any time of day or night, keep track of your propane usage, receive alerts when your tank gauge reaches 30% and 15% full, and more, right on your smartphone.

How Does ProGas Benefit from Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring?

Better efficiency. We know when our customers need propane, so we aren’t making unnecessary deliveries of smaller amounts of gas. Everyone receives propane when they actually require it!

Better service. We can supply propane to far more homes each day thanks to wireless tank monitoring, as it streamlines our delivery scheduling. It also increases our responsiveness in the event of a customer needing an emergency delivery.

Enjoy the best service and added peace of mind all year long by choosing ProGas! Contact us today to enroll in wireless propane tank monitoring—it only takes five minutes.