Why Utilize Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring?

Keep Track of Your Propane Supply—in Real-Time—All Year-Round!

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For most ProGas propane delivery customers, our Keep Full automatic delivery is an ideal solution. How does it work? We analyze your propane usage patterns and factor them alongside the current weather conditions to accurately know when you’ll need your next propane delivery—and deliver it to you before you run low.

But some of our customers have ever-changing propane needs. You could be one of them! What are some variables that can affect your propane usage? They include:

  • Extended periods of inclement weather
  • More people living in a single household—such as college kids moving home or elderly parents moving in
  • Travel away from your residence for more than two weeks at a time
  • Adding supplemental propane appliances such as a cook range, clothes dryer, or fireplace

Each of these variables can have a noticeable effect on your usage patterns. If you want total control of your propane supply—and peace of mind that all tank level readings are fully-accurate and on-time—ProGas offers a solution with our wireless propane tank monitoring from Tank Utility!

How Does Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring Work?

Out Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitors use both cellular and wireless technologies to let us know in real time exactly home much propane is in your tank. When your propane tank gauge reaches a set level, the monitor sends us an alert and we immediately schedule a delivery. You’ll be assured that we will always know when you need propane so you will never have to deal with the hassle and expense of a propane run out.

You will also have instant access to how much propane you have with our Tank Utility app! Check your propane tank gauge levels any time of day or night— anywhere you can get a wireless signal—right on your mobile device!

It’s Important to Avoid a Propane Run-out

If you run completely out of propane, there’s more to solving the problem than calling ProGas for an emergency propane delivery.

Emergency propane delivery comes with an additional fee.

If you run out of propane in cold weather, you can’t heat your home. Not only will you be cold, but you also run the risk of frozen or burst pipes. And any time of year, you’ll be taking cold showers.

There is more involved than just filling your propane tank for you to start using your propane appliances again, too. It is required that your propane tank have a pressure test to check for any leaks that may have formed while you were out of propane. A professional service technician needs to re-light the pilots in all your propane appliances before they can be used.

Both of those costs come out of your pocket. Why run that risk when you don’t have to?

Get peace of mind when it comes to your propane supply. Contact us today to have a wireless propane tank monitor installed on your residential or commercial tank!