Winter Construction Temporary Heating: Ultimate Guide

ProGas can help you keep your worksite warm and the work going

winter construction heating pennsylvaniaIf you’re in the construction business in greater Pittsburgh, you know winter weather can be a bear.

Snowstorms can delay projects. Bitter cold can slow jobs like drywall and painting, and keep some jobs like pouring concrete from being done. All of that lost time is also lost money for your workers and for your business.

We may not be able to do anything about snowstorms, but the professionals at ProGas can help you beat the cold and the challenges it brings to your construction projects by providing temporary heating and other heating options for your construction site!

We have decades of experience working for the area’s leading building, contracting and service companies, so we know how to meet your needs.

Bring the heat to your construction sites

ProGas has several temporary heating products to provide solutions to the problems winter’s cold can throw at your construction projects.

A popular one is portable temporary construction heaters. These can not only keep your workers working in warmth and safety, the heaters also protect materials and help get projects done. With temporary heating, paint will cure properly, joint compound and spackle will adhere to drywall as it should, and concrete and drywall will be kept dry. Temporary heating also protects pipes, often exposed during construction and renovation projects, from freezing and bursting.

Our ground thaw units will help keep any concrete work you’re doing moving forward as they thaw the ground so you can excavate, prevent frost from forming on the ground, cure the concrete and warm the air around it so your workers can do their jobs.

ProGas also equipment like fans and dehumidifiers, and all the necessary equipment for temporary heating such as carts and hoses.

Don’t forget the propane!

ProGas is a leader in the greater Pittsburgh area and surrounding communities in Ohio and West Virginia when it comes to reliability in providing propane that area businesses need. We can do bulk propane, design propane dispensing stations (complete with propane tanks) and provide on-site forklift propane cylinder exchanges.

If you are a builder or contractor and have some projects coming up this winter, get a head start now and contact ProGas so we can meet your needs when it comes to temporary heating at your construction site!