What Kinds of Vehicles Run on Propane Gas?

Learn All About the Versatility of Propane Autogas!

autogas cars pennsylvaniaDid you know that transportation is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States? In fact, that is largely why there is such a big push nowadays for alternative fuels to gasoline and diesel.

While electric vehicles are getting most of the attention right now, there is an alternative that is actually proven to be much better in terms of reduced environmental impact and ease of use. That alternative fuel is propane autogas.

ProGas is a Local Leader in Propane Autogas Services

ProGas is Western Pennsylvania’s leader in autogas services. After discussing your fleet’s fueling needs with one of our autogas experts, we will connect you with a local company to manage the process of converting your vehicles to run on autogas. From there, we offer a variety of options for autogas filling stations that are as easy to use as gasoline or diesel pumps—and we can install them right at your place of business!

You also get reliable propane autogas delivery customized to your needs, with the option of wireless tank monitoring so we know precisely when you need more autogas and can promptly deliver it.

What are the Benefits of Autogas vs. Traditional Fuels?

Propane autogas is largely being used in fleet fueling today, which is helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions in commercial transportation as well as municipal vehicles such as police cars and school buses. That said, there are numerous other benefits as well:

Energy security. Global markets and factors such as geopolitical problems and natural disasters can have a big influence on gasoline and diesel pricing, even though oil is extracted across the world. We’ve all seen that to be true with fuel prices this year.
More than 90% of the world’s propane autogas supply is made right here in the United States. Wars, sanctions, overseas natural disasters, and other international issues won’t impact autogas pricing in the way they do gasoline or diesel. By using autogas, you are helping America achieve greater energy independence.

Environmental friendliness. Propane autogas creates zero greenhouse gas emissions, which means you’ll dramatically reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint. In fact, the carbon emissions generated by your fleet could go down by 60% almost immediately.

Safety. The massive reduction of emissions thanks to autogas is also safer and healthier for your drivers, as they will no be breathing in exhaust fumes. Autogas is also safer for the planet in another way. Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane does not harm air, water, soil, plant life, aquatic life, or marine life in the rare event of a leak. 

A better bottom line. On average, autogas is 30% cheaper than gasoline. Even with the roller coaster that is the current fuel market pricing, the price difference between gasoline and autogas has stayed consistent. Vehicles run on autogas cost about $1.50 cents less per hour to operate than comparable gasoline-powered vehicles.

You also see the benefits of autogas in your fleet vehicles themselves. Because autogas is so clean burning, there is much less wear on engines and parts, helping to cut your maintenance and repair costs. The reduced wear also helps your vehicles to last longer, saving you big in the long run.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of propane autogas? Contact ProGas today to learn more about our available autogas services and how we can best benefit your fleets and place of business.