What is Propane Used for in Residential Homes?

propane grill

How clean, green, versatile propane can improve your life at home

Propane can do so many things when it comes to making your home in greater Pittsburgh, West Virginia or Ohio warm and comfortable.

When you use propane appliances, you can save money and enjoy a better quality of life at home. Here are just some of the ways propane appliances and equipment —powered by ProGas propane — can make your home life better.

Propane keeps your home warm for less

Propane provides more heat for less money than electricity – and it usually costs less per BTU of heat than heating oil.

Propane fireplaces provide heat without the hassle

With a propane fireplace, you get all the cozy warmth and ambiance of a fireplace with no firewood, smoke, soot or ashes to deal with as you do with a wood-burning fireplace. Just turn it on and you get real flames and real heat – with fewer emissions to boot.

Hot water on demand with a propane water heater

Propane water heaters not only cost 30 percent less to operate than electric-powered water heaters, they also offer recovery times that are typically twice as fast. That means you’ll spend less time waiting for hot water after someone takes a long, hot shower. Propane tankless water heaters provide endless hot water, on-demand, and take up less space than conventional tank water heaters.

Propane makes your back yard more fun

Want to make the most of your Pittsburgh summer? Propane can do that for you! Propane grills (using propane from our Propane Express propane cylinder exchange) make cookouts easier and cleaner than charcoal. And that’s just the beginning: Propane pool heaters, fire pits, patio heaters, spa heaters and mosquito traps all enhance your quality of life outdoors.

Keep the power on with a propane generator

When the weather turns bad — whether it’s summer thunderstorms or winter blizzards —a propane generator (connected to your ProGas propane tank) can be a godsend, keeping the lights on, the refrigerator running, and your phones charged. Choose a generator that’s large enough and your heating and cooling system will have the power to keep your home comfortable. And if someone in your home relies on electricity for medical equipment, a propane generator can help keep them safe.

Cook like a chef

Chefs love cooking with gas because it gives them precise temperature control that adjusts instantly. Whether you use a propane stove, oven or cooktop, you’ll get results that an electric stove just can’t provide.

Make Laundry Day Easier with Propane

Did you know that a propane clothes dryer can dry your clothes for half the cost of an electric dryer? And since propane dryers produce less static than electric models, they’re easier on your clothes and produce fewer wrinkles (less ironing for you!).

Propane can greatly improve your quality of life at home – it’s true! And ProGas can always fill you up whenever you’re running low. Become a ProGas customer, today!