Does Your Local Business Need a Temporary Heating Solution?

ProGas is Western Pennsylvania’s Go-To for Temporary Heating!

temporary heating pennsylvaniaWith winter weather having Greater Pittsburgh firmly in its grasp, you may find that both your outdoor and construction projects are having a few operational issues.

ProGas is here to help with our complete portfolio of commercial temporary heating services. Our professional propane specialists will go through your requirements with you in detail. We’ll create a thorough storage and delivery plan based on your needs, including information like the size of your project, type of fuel you’ll be utilizing, and what sort of temporary heating equipment suits the needs of your projects best. What’s even better? Your estimate is FREE!

We offer a wide array of temporary heating equipment including both direct-fire and box-style portable heaters, ground thaw units, as well as fans and dehumidifiers, too. We carry equipment that can run on propane or natural gas.

Our available propane services are just the beginning of what we can do for you. The knowledgeable team of commercial propane experts at ProGas can help with facilitating the permit processes, managing the installation, and working with subcontractors. And because of our years of commercial propane experience, we have responsiveness that allows us to quickly adapt if your needs change. As an established local business, we have a large storage capacity and long-standing relationships with our suppliers. That gives commercial customers like you peace of mind that we will always have the propane you need for your projects!

The Importance of Temporary Heating

In the winter, workers on building or renovation sites that aren’t heated find it difficult. The cold isn’t only dangerous, but it makes working in the cold challenging because materials and procedures are directly affected.

Pipes can become partially or completely frozen, resulting in costly repairs as well as project delays. Paint, joint compound, drywall mud, cement, and plaster will not dry or cure properly when exposed to extreme cold temperatures. That can cause materials to fail and create poor results. Stucco must be kept from freezing for at least 24 hours. If it freezes before it is fully hardened, the frozen water within it melts as it thaws and the stucco cracks.

Temporary heating equipment solutions such as space heaters, dehumidifiers, and ground thawers can make work on your site safer—and far more efficient.

Get in touch with the commercial propane experts at ProGas today to set up a temporary heating plan for your business this season!