Who Do I Call for Temporary Heating Services?

ProGas Helps Keep Operations Moving All Year Long!

job site heating pennsylvaniaWhen the fall season approaches, construction and renovation companies across Western Pennsylvania begin planning how to continue their on-site work through the coming winter.

That is especially important this year as the winter is forecast to be colder and snowier than normal. Those conditions can wreak havoc on projects, but ProGas is here to help with temporary heating solutions that will help you keep your projects moving forward!

What Temporary heating services Does ProGas Have to Offer?

ProGas has decades of experience helping businesses like yours with temporary heating solutions of all shapes and sizes. Our commercial propane experts will thoroughly discuss your project with you and help you to determine what you will need. Here’s a taste of what we offer:

Temporary heating equipment. ProGas carries in stock a wide array of temporary heating equipment. We offer propane and natural gas powered direct-fire heaters and box-style heaters, as well as propane space heaters.

Construction site tank delivery. ProGas has a vast inventory of 100-pound propane tanks. We can create a customized delivery schedule, so you always have propane for temporary heating. All our 100-pound tanks conform to NFPA 58 safety codes as well as OSHA regulations. We fill them at our plants and deliver them to your job site ready to use.

Do you need bulk propane tanks? We carry those as well, in sizes up to 1,000 gallons!

With ProGas, you also get an unparalleled commitment to safety. We’ll provide any training needed in the safe use of temporary heating equipment. Our cylinders as well as our portable tanks feature a protective construction collar. There is also a bottom ring that provides better stability whether the tank or cylinder is being used or is placed in storage.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Temporary Heating Solutions?

The first benefit that temporary heating offers is that it allows your workers to do their jobs in added safety and comfort. They’ll work better and more efficiently in a safe, warm environment.

Further, temporary heating equipment can easily be moved from one space to another, so work can continue easily and without interruption.

Also, products and materials for many projects being done at your job site are also better protected. Here are some examples of that:

  • In cold conditions, the paint will not dry or cure properly, leading to a poor result. Temporary heating helps get the painting done right.
  • Stucco and plaster projects can fail if done in the cold. That’s because if those materials freeze, they can fall apart or crack once they thaw. With temporary heating, plaster and stucco work is done at a safe temperature.
  • Ice crystals can develop in concrete and brickwork in cold conditions, creating structural problems. Temporary heating allows them to set up and cure properly.
  • If you’re doing a renovation, cold can lead to pipes freezing a bursting. Keep them safe with temporary heating.

Contact the commercial propane experts at ProGas today to find out more about our available temporary heating services. We’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate perfectly tailored to suit your next job.