Temporary Heating: The Perfect Choice For Moving Jobsites

Keep your job site safe and warm with help from ProGas

jobsite temporary heating pennsylvaniaWorking outdoors or in unheated spaces during winter when you’re in greater Pittsburgh is not for the faint of heart.

It also presents challenges when it comes to getting jobs done efficiently and safely, especially when your business has projects in different locations that change frequently.

That’s why ProGas provides temporary heating services for local businesses. We have extensive experience providing businesses like yours with equipment and fuel, and understand your needs. We can work with any size project you have!

Why do you need temporary heating for your project? A big reason is safety for your workers. They may get frostbite or hypothermia. Icy surfaces can lead to falls. All of those can lead to lost labor time, and worse.

Temporary heating also protects where you’re working. Equipment may not run properly, or not run at all, in the cold. Pipes can freeze or burst.

Cold can have a negative impact on renovation and construction projects. Paint and concrete won’t cure properly. Plaster can weaken and break. Joint compound won’t adhere as it should to drywall. Frozen stucco loses durability.

ProGas not only provides the temporary heaters and associated gear to your site, we can make sure you have the propane you need to run them and other equipment like ground thaw units.

The ProGas professionals will work with you to figure out what you’ll need in terms of equipment and propane, design a temporary heating system and propane storage system, work with both the permitting process and the subcontractors and manage installation of both propane tanks and temporary heating equipment. From there, we’ll make sure you always have the propane delivery you need and maintain and repair the equipment.

No matter how many jobs sites you have this winter, you can count on ProGas for the temporary heating solutions you need!
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