Temporary Heaters For Businesses With Changing Locations

ProGas has the temporary heating solutions you need!

temporary heat pennsylvaniaAs the temperature drops here in greater Pittsburgh, business owners and managers like you may be wondering about how to handle the coming cold weather of winter when your business has so many projects that are outdoors or in unheated spaces.

Fortunately, you have a one-stop-shop that can help with that: ProGas!

We have decades of experience in providing temporary heating solutions for business just like yours.

Why Temporary Heating Is Important

Cold weather can wreak havoc on job sites in several ways.

The most important ways affect your workers. Cold creates unsafe working conditions and makes it harder for them to do their jobs properly. Both of those issues slow down your projects, costing you valuable time and money.

It also means several kinds of projects, from painting to outdoor concrete work, are compromised or downright impossible to get done.

But with propane-powered temporary heating equipment from ProGas, work moves forward safely and efficiently.

What Temporary Heating Can Do For Your Business

When your workspace is warmed by temporary heating, your workers can do their work better. Here are some of the ways that works.

  • Paint and joint compound can dry and cure properly
  • Stucco and plaster can set up properly without being compromised by cold
  • Concrete and brick are protected from ice crystals forming that can weaken them
  • Exposed plumbing is protected from freezing and bursting
  • Ground surfaces can be thawed for digging with ground thaw units
  • Prevent risks of hypothermia or frostbite, as well as ice on surfaces that may cause slips and falls
  • Control your labor costs by finishing jobs on-time, without adding extra hours or days due to weather complications

ProGas has all the temporary heating equipment you need: Portable direct-fire and box style heaters, fans, dehumidifiers, and ground thaw units, along with all the needed hoses, carts, and manifolds.

What ProGas Does For Your Business

The commercial propane experts at ProGas understand the needs of businesses like yours in a way the big national companies just can’t. That’s because we are locally operated and dedicated to responsive, personal service for all our customers.

We’ll set up a customized temporary heating package for you and provide everything from designing fuel storage systems to equipment delivery and maintenance. When you get your temporary heating equipment from ProGas, you also get reliable, safe bulk propane delivery and propane cylinders so your equipment will always have the propane it needs to keep running.

And because temporary heating isn’t built into your jobsite, ProGas can bring it at whichever jobsite you need it at.

ProGas has a solution to your cold-weather challenges: Propane & Natural Gas-powered temporary heaters. We have many years of experience in helping businesses all around the Tri-State area manage their temporary heating needs. We know what winters are like here, and we can help you work through them. Contact us to learn more about our temporary heating solutions and what’s best for your business in the seasons ahead!