Temporary Heat Solutions For Your Local Business

Count on ProGas for your needs this upcoming season!

construction heating pennsylvaniaSummer comes to an end this week and fall is ushered in. That means colder weather is coming, and that weather can wreak havoc on businesses like yours that work outdoors or in unheated buildings.

But there are cost-effective ways you can keep your projects moving forward and your workers safe. ProGas offers them with our temporary heat solutions!

Why you need temporary heat

The average high temperature in January here in greater Pittsburgh is 37˚ Fahrenheit. And you know it can get much colder in areas further from the city and when the polar vortex is in town. Those cold, sometimes frigid, temperatures create problems for a wide range of projects, both indoors and outside.

But temporary heat equipment, and the propane for it, create a safer environment for workers, and a more conducive environment for projects to be done, and it helps protect property.

Here’s how temporary heat helps you get the job done.

  • Protects workers from hypothermia and frostbite
  • Allows spackle and drywall mud to dry as it should
  • Prevents pipes from freezing and bursting
  • Provides the right temperature for paint to stay at its proper consistency, and dry and cure properly
  • Keeps stucco from freezing, which can compromise it
  • Prevents ice crystals that can weaken concrete and bricks
  • Thaws the ground so you can get digging done, pour concrete, and let concrete cure

ProGas temporary heat solutions work for you

ProGas has decades of experience helping construction and other companies that work in unheated spaces or outdoors during the winter. We understand your needs and provide customized equipment and propane services that best fit your needs and your bottom line.

We have temporary heaters in a range of sizes and styles, so you can choose what you need. And we also offer other climate control equipment such as fans, temporary air conditioning, dehumidifiers, and ground thaw units. And whatever parts you need for your equipment, like hoses or carts, we have them.

And, most importantly, you can count on us for the propane your temporary heat equipment needs. The propane cylinders we provide meet all national, state, and industry safety standards. If you need bulk propane, we can provide storage tanks and will reliably deliver the propane.

Contact us to learn more about our temporary heating equipment and services and how we can help your Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio or Northern West Virginia business, today!