Tank Monitors: Real-time Protection Against Run-outs

Get peace of mind with ProGas, and TankUtility!

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The Keep-Full automatic propane delivery from ProGas is pretty great, it’s true! It takes the work and worry of making sure you have propane in your Greater Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia area home off your plate.

With Keep-Full automatic delivery, the state-of-the-art computer system we have uses the current temperature and weather outlooks, along with your estimated usage, to calculate when your propane tank gauge level will read about 30 percent full. Once that timeframe is determined, we’ll look to schedule a propane delivery to you before you run low.

Fuel Service Convenience

You no longer have to head outside in the cold to check your propane tank gauge levels. You no longer have to call us for delivery. You no longer have to worry about a run-out and all the stress, hassle and expense that go with it. We’ve got you covered!

While this system works for most people, it still relies on calculations and estimates.

You may have made changes in your home that affect your daily propane usage Maybe you installed a larger propane water heater. Or you upgraded from an electric range to a propane range. Perhaps you have adult children or relatives who are staying with you for a while, or your elderly parents have moved in with you. (And maybe, just maybe, you forgot to tell us! Don’t worry, we understand.

But, unless we at ProGas know about these changes, our calculations and estimates won’t reflect your current propane usage. That means you could run low a bit faster.

Want something to take away any questions and give you peace of mind that we’re on top of your propane usage? We offer remote, wireless tank monitors from TankUtility!

What are tank monitors? Just what they sound like. They monitor your propane tank levels, and you can see that information in real-time, on your computer or through an app on your phone or tablet. You know who else sees it? ProGas! We know your up-to-the-minute propane tank levels so we can determine exactly when you need a propane delivery.

Get in touch with ProGas to find out more about TankUtility propane tank monitors, and our Keep-Full automatic propane delivery. We’ll be happy to get you set up!