Tank Monitoring is a Key Investment for the Winter Season

Make keeping up with your tank levels—easy!

tank monitor installation pennsylvaniaOur customers love our Keep Full automatic propane delivery for its ease and convenience. When you’re a Keep Full customer, you don’t have to worry about going outside in bad weather—or any weather for that matter—to check your propane tank gauge levels. The job of contacting ProGas for a propane delivery is simply removed from your to-do list.

Your propane supply is delivered to your home based on your previous usage history, factored alongside the current weather conditions. We calculate these two items to accurately forecast when you’ll need your next propane delivery before you run low!

However, sometimes there are variables that can affect this calculation. Here’s where tank monitoring can lend a helpful hand:

What Makes Wireless Tank Monitoring a Smart Choice?

There are times where you want, or need, even more accuracy when it comes to getting your propane. This winter—which is forecast to be colder and snowier than normal here in Greater Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Ohio, is one of those times.

That’s why now is the time to enroll in our wireless propane tank monitoring with Tank Utility!

Your propane tank gauge levels are monitored continuously using WiFi and 4G LTE wireless technology. The Tank Utility monitor sends a continual signal with that information right to us here at ProGas so we can know exactly when you require a propane delivery. You won’t have to worry or put in any effort to get your propane!

You too can check the amount of propane in your tank at any time, from anywhere with the TankUtility app. You’ll know how much propane is in your tank 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere you have access to a cellular or WiFi signal!

A wireless tank monitor is a great investment to protect you against the hassle and expense that come with a propane runout. For instance, if you do run out of propane, you need to have an emergency propane delivery made to your home, which is an added expense. Then you need to pay for a service call to perform a pressure test on your propane tank and lines, then relight the pilots in all your propane appliances.

Don’t run that risk! For a low monthly cost, we’ll set up a tank monitor on your existing tank in as little as fifteen minutes. From there—you’re good to go this season, and well beyond!

Have peace of mind this winter and all year round with our wireless propane tank monitoring from Tank Utility. Contact us today to find out more and get setup for yourself!