Propane Tank Monitors Increase Your Fuel Efficiency & Safety

Discover the Benefits!

propane monitor pennsylvaniaNowadays, we’re all looking for ways to make life easier and make regular tasks more efficient. One great way to do both is to sign up for ProGas’s wireless propane tank monitoring service from Tank Utility! It takes both the work and worry of managing your propane supply off your plate.

How does it work? The wireless tank monitor uses Wi-Fi and cellular technology to let us know—24/7/365—precisely how much propane is in your tank. When the tank gauge reaches a set level of 30% full, we get a notification and schedule a propane delivery to your home before you begin to run low. You don’t have to lift a finger to get your propane!

Here are four great benefits of our Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitoring:

Forgot to Check Your Tank Levels? No Problem!

Think about all the times you’ve had to go outside in the cold, rain, or snow to your propane tank to see how much propane you have left. With our wireless propane tank monitoring, you can take that hassle off your to-do list for good.

With the Tank Utility app on your smartphone or tablet, you can check your propane tank gauge levels from the comfort of your home…and even on vacation. Wireless tank monitoring also comes in handy for tanks that are not on your property such as vacation homes, income properties, or your elderly parents’ home, for example.

Tracking Your Propane Usage Couldn’t Be Easier

With the recent surge in energy costs, saving money on your propane bill is even more important.

With a wireless propane tank monitor, you can see exactly how much propane you’re using now, and over set periods of time. It may additionally give you a heads-up about a potential problem with your propane tank or system. The information may help you better plan your propane usage, especially for home heating purposes.

Eliminate Propane Runouts

When you run low on—or worse—run OUT of propane, it’s both a hassle and an expense. You must pay extra for an emergency propane delivery, and if you’ve run out of propane completely, you also need to pay for a professional service technician to do a pressure test.

Further, this safety check accounts for the integrity of your propane tank, lines, as well as the re-lighting of pilots in every one of your propane appliances. Because we track your propane supply with the wireless tank monitor, you always get propane before you run low.

More Efficient Deliveries

With wireless propane tank monitoring, you only get propane when you need it. That saves you time and headaches.

It also allows ProGas to serve our customers better. We can plan more efficient delivery routes, allowing us to make more deliveries each day and be more available for emergency deliveries or service.

Never worry about your propane supply again! Contact ProGas today to get started on installing a Tank Utility wireless tank monitor to your home’s propane tank. We’ll get you set up in as little as fifteen minutes!