Propane Safety: Hot Tips For This Season

Remember to play it safe when utilizing propane appliances this summer!

summer safety tips pennsylvaniaThe weather is getting warmer here in greater Pittsburgh and the Mid-Atlantic region. That means, as COVID restrictions ease, and the sun is more plentiful, we’ll be spending a lot of time outside than in.

Propane can make your backyard an ideal place to spend your summer stay-cation. Not only is propane great for grilling, it also can run outdoor fireplaces, deck and patio heaters, firepits, pool and spa heaters, and mosquito traps, too.

But, to keep your backyard fun safe, you need to brush up on propane safety. We’ve put together some tips:

Know how to store propane cylinders

With all the grilling coming up, many of you are keeping an extra cylinder at home (our Home Delivery Cylinder Exchange and PROpane Express Cylinder Exchange make that easy!). But you need to keep safety in mind with your cylinders when it comes time to store them. Always store them upright, and keep them outdoors. NEVER store cylinders indoors, or in the garage, carport, shed, or sunporch.

Practice proper distancing (for your appliances!)

You may like having your propane grill close to the house and the back door because it’s easy to bring food outside from the kitchen, then bring everything back in. But there’s something more important than convenience: safety.

First, your grill, as well as your propane patio or deck heater, firepit, or fireplace need to be at least three feet from all doors and windows on your home, and 10 feet or more from any air intake device. This is to reduce the risk of propane vapor trailing into your home.

Second, they need that clear space to keep them a safe distance from deck railings, sidings, outdoor furniture, and anything else that’s combustible. Make sure kids and pets keep a safe distance as well.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions and installation codes

Propane equipment has to be installed according to instructions from the manufacturer as well as all propane regulations, codes, and standards. That’s why we always recommend that your propane equipment installed by trained, experienced professionals.

Take good care of your equipment

Have your propane equipment professionally inspected and maintained annually. Also, keep an eye out for any issues during the rest of the year.

Have questions about propane safety? We have all that information and more right here on our website!

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