Save Big with Propane Autogas For Your School Bus Fleet

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Propane Autogas from ProGas can be a boon for your school

Did you know that nearly one million students in school districts across the country get to school in a bus powered by propane Autogas?
Even more impressive is how many school bus fleet managers who make the switch to propane stay with it: according to 2017 IHS Polk school bus registration data, more than 57 percent of school districts with Type C propane Autogas buses purchased additional buses – a marked contrast to the 17 percent of gasoline bus repeat buyers.
Could converting to propane Autogas be right for your school fleet? Let’s take a look.

Propane Autogas for your bus fleet: safe, reliable, cost-effective & eco-friendly

Why consider making the switch to propane Autogas for your school bus fleet? Consider these benefits:

It saves your school system money. Propane Autogas typically costs less per gallon than diesel or gasoline – sometimes a whole lot less. Imagine what your school district could do with the money you save filling your buses with propane Autogas!

Propane Autogas is better for the environment. Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia have amazing natural resources – and using propane Autogas helps to protect them. Propane-powered vehicles reduce harmful emissions by more than 20 percent compared to gasoline, and cut smog-producing hydrocarbon emissions by 80 percent compared to diesel. Because of the way propane Autogas is pumped, leaks are extremely rare – and when there is a leak, there is no danger to the air, soil or water as there is with a diesel spill.

Engines powered by propane Autogas require less maintenance. Propane Autogas leaves fewer deposits on your engine, which means your buses won’t need as many trips to the mechanic. It also means your buses will use fewer air filters and will not need anti-gelling treatment to prevent the fuel from freezing in the winter. Propane Autogas engines last longer, too, which means that your fleet will need to be replaced less often.

Propane Autogas engines are quieter. With a propane-powered school bus, the kids have no reason to yell to be heard over a loud school bus engine. Your neighborhood will be quieter, too.

You can fill your fleet onsite. If you install a propane Autogas refueling station at your school, you won’t waste time at the gas station. ProGas can design, install, and maintain a propane Autogas station that’s just right for the needs of your school district.

Your district may get incentives. Your fleet could be eligible for state incentives when you convert your school bus fleet to propane. It’s another great way to save your school money with propane Autogas.

Want to learn more about how propane Autogas is right for your school system’s bus fleet? Contact ProGas today and we’ll tell you all about it!