Save On Energy Costs With Propane This Winter

Enjoy Sustained Comfort—All While Saving Money!

propane home efficiency pennsylvaniaThe start of winter is just a few weeks away. And if the thought of keeping your greater Pittsburgh home warm has you worried about increased home energy costs that come with in the winter season—we’re here to help with that!

ProGas provides not only safe, dependable propane delivery, but competitive and transparent pricing. Our pricing and payment options such as our ProAdvantage budget plan and ProTection price protection to help you manage your propane costs in a way that best suits your needs and your budget.

In fact, if you use propane in your home, you already have several advantages over those powered via electricity:

  • Propane burns hotter and is more efficient than electricity. You’ll need less of it for heating your home, which can save you money on energy bills throughout the coldest winter months.
  • Propane isn’t dependent on the electrical power grid to keep your home warm. If the electricity goes out in a snowstorm or an ice storm, your home won’t be heated. With propane being stored directly at your residence, it won’t leave you in the cold—continuing to operate safely, and effectively.
  • A propane water heater gives you twice as much hot water in an hour as an electric water heater. That leads to less energy usage and reduced energy bills.
  • A propane clothes dryer is also more efficient, not only drying your laundry faster than an electric dryer, but also with fewer wrinkles too.

And we have some tips that can help you lower your energy costs even more this winter without having to sacrifice comfort!

Check Your Air Filter Frequently

If you have a furnace, the air filter needs to be checked at least once a month. If you have pets, or if someone in your home has a respiratory condition, you need to check more often—changing as needed. Not only does this keep your furnace running more efficiently, but it also helps keep the air circulating in your home cleaner, so you won’t need to rely on supplemental air filters to help assist.

Let Your Heat Flow

Do an inspection around your home. Is there furniture, curtains, or something else obstructing the air from your vents? Keep a clear space so the heated air can circulate freely. This helps keep your furnace from cycling on and off more frequently.

Get Rid Of Drafts

The drafts around windows and doors, and through walls, can cause heat loss that’s equal to leaving a singular window open 24/7! But sealing up those drafts with caulk, weatherstripping, expanding foam, and other products can help dramatically cut your heating costs keeping the heat inside where it needs to be.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

You may be thinking, “What?! It’s winter! I want hot water!” Don’t worry. By turning your water heater thermostat from the factory preset temperature of 140˚ to 120 ˚, your water will still be plenty hot—and you’ll save some money in the long run by capping your heat at a low, yet nearly unnoticeable, temperature.

Want dependable propane delivery throughout the winter 2020/2021 season…and beyond? Become a ProGas customer today and experience the difference. Switching is easy! Give us a call to find out more—we’re happy to help.