Renting vs. Buying Your Propane Tank. Which Option Is Best For You?

The benefits of propane tank leasing with ProGas!

propane tank leasing ohio and west virginiaAre propane tanks on your mind lately?

Perhaps you’re building a new home here in greater Pittsburgh and will be using propane for heating, cooking, water heating or other usages. Or maybe you’re renovating your home and will be adding more propane appliances such as a range or clothes dryer. Your current tank may not be big enough for your home or your family’s needs. And it may be getting on in its years.

Whatever the reason, ProGas is here to help! We offer top-quality propane tanks in a wide range of sizes so you will have the right one for your needs. And not only that, we offer leasing that makes your new propane tank hassle-free for you!

Why leasing is the best option

When you own your own propane tank, you have the freedom to choose your propane delivery provider, and can switch at any time.

But there is a cost that comes with that freedom. More than one cost, in fact.

The costs of owning your propane tank

The first cost is the purchase price of your tank, which may bring on some sticker shock because buying and installing a propane tank can cost anywhere between $450 and $3,000 (or more!). Those costs include permits, piping, trenches and fittings.

And that’s just the beginning. When you own your propane tank, you are responsible for everything related to it. You have to make sure your tank meets state regulations for installation, safety and recertification. If you need emergency repairs, the costs are on you and you’re responsible for finding proper emergency service after business hours. Finally, your homeowner’s insurance rates could be subject to increase because of the liability you assume with owning your propane tank.

The benefits of leasing your propane tank from ProGas

Why bother with all of that expense and hassle? When you lease your propane tank from ProGas, all the work and worry are off your shoulders and you have peace of mind.

Our trained and experienced propane tank installers will safely install your propane tank to meet all state and local regulations.

The installation and maintenance costs are all on us, so you won’t have any surprise expenses. And you know we’ll be there for you if you ever need repairs.

And as a ProGas propane delivery customer, you can also sign up for our Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitoring. You can check your propane tank gauge levels in real time, any time, because there’s an app (and website) for that!

Find out all of the ways leasing your propane tank from ProGas makes your life easier. Contact us today to learn more, and see how propane may be beneficial to your home or business.