How Long Should My Propane Tank Last?

ProGas is Here to Handle All Your Propane Tank Needs!

propane tanks pennsylvaniaIf you’re new to having propane fueling your home, you probably have a lot of questions about having a propane tank, too.

Fortunately, ProGas is your local, one-stop shop for all your propane needs! We provide safe and expert propane tank installation, affordable propane tank leasing, wireless propane tank monitoring, and the most dependable propane delivery in Greater Pittsburgh and beyond with our Keep-Full automatic delivery!

Here are some key pieces of information you need to know when it comes to your propane tank:

What’s the Expected Lifespan of My Propane Tank?

Propane tanks today are designed with safety and longevity in mind. Propane tanks built aboveground can survive for 30 years or more without failing. Underground propane tanks can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years with routine upkeep and maintenance.

How Do I Choose the Proper Propane Tank Size?

First and foremost, we’ll help you figure out what size propane tank you’ll need. It is determined by how often—and for what purposes—you use propane. Residential tanks come in sizes ranging from 120 to 1,000 gallons. Whether you’re using propane for just a range, for home heating and water heating, or for a large house with high-BTU propane appliances like a pool heater, ProGas has a propane tank to meet your home’s propane needs.

How Does Propane Tank Leasing Work?

Instead of spending thousands of dollars in up-front expenses for purchasing and installing a propane tank at your home, then being responsible for all maintenance and repair costs, you can instead lease your tank from ProGas! We’ll handle all that for you.

Understanding Propane Tank Safety and Standards

ProGas is committed to ensuring that your propane tank is installed securely and correctly. This entails understanding and following all necessary local, state, and federal regulations regarding the installation of propane tanks. The following are some of the most significant rules:

Propane tanks under 125 gallons water capacity: Must be at least 10 feet from a window air conditioner and a minimum of five feet from a crawl space opening.

Propane tanks between 125- and 500-gallons water capacity: Must be placed a minimum of 10 feet from a building and at least 10 feet from a line of adjoining property.

Propane tanks up to 2,000 gallons water capacity: Must be placed a minimum of 25 feet from the building and no part of an underground tank can be less than 10 feet from a building or line of adjoining property.

Do you need a propane tank at your home? Get in touch with ProGas! We’ll help you get setup quickly and easily to help keep your Pennsylvania home warm and comfortable all year long.