Propane Tanks: Should You Lease Or Buy?

Which Is Best For My Home Or Business?

Propane is an amazingly versatile, clean burning, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective fuel for both homes and businesses.

In your home, it provides energy efficient heating, water heating, and space heating. It makes for easy comfort with a propane fireplace. Cooking is a breeze on a propane range. Propane clothes dryers are faster than comparable electric models and are gentler on your laundry.

Whether it’s propane autogas for vehicles of all sizes, propane generators protecting inventory and technology, or commercial kitchens turning out high volumes of top quality food with propane appliances, or many other applications, all sorts of businesses are made better and more successful with propane.

To reap these great benefits, you will need a propane tank at your home, business or jobsite. And you have to make a choice between buying a propane tank—or leasing one.

ProGas both sells and leases propane tanks of all sizes. And while we will gladly sell you a propane tank, we always recommend leasing.

Why Exactly Should I Lease A Propane Tank?

If you’re a homeowner, leasing your propane tank gives you ease, convenience, and peace of mind.

When you own your own propane tank, you can easily switch providers if you want a better price or aren’t happy with the service you’re getting. But there’s a flip side to that freedom: the responsibility that comes with it.

The first pitfall? You have a big upfront price to pay. Buying and installing a propane tank can run into the thousands of dollars between the price of the tank itself and added expenses of installation such as clearing and/or leveling the land on which it will sit—or excavating where it will be buried.

Owning your propane tank also means that YOU are responsible for making sure it is in optimal, safe operating condition. All maintenance and repair costs are directly on you.

But when you lease your propane tank from ProGas, all those responsibilities, expenses, and worries are off your shoulders!

Our trained, experienced propane tank professionals will expertly install and maintain your propane tank to the highest standards for quality and safety.

The same expenses and hassle of owning a propane tank apply to businesses as well.

Leasing gives you freedom and flexibility. You can add tanks as you need them, have them installed at your business or on a job site, and know that they’ll be installed and maintained properly for years to come.

Contact us to learn more about our affordable propane tank leasing and how ProGas can benefit your Western Pennsylvania home or business today!