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5 Advantages Propane Brings to Your Building Projects

There’s a lot that goes into a new building, no matter whether it’s commercial or residential. Design. Materials. Electrical. Plumbing. HVAC. Finishes. Roofing. Windows. And on and on.

Something you can add to your next building project that will enhance it is propane. It makes the function of both residential homes and commercial buildings so much better, from greater fuel efficiency to enhancing the quality of life.

Here’s how propane can work in your building project:

  • You can easily build just about anywhere
    Propane is a fuel source that is not dependent on a grid or a utility, which makes it ideal for rural homes, residential developments, homes for clients who want to live off the grid, and buildings in remote locations. And whether you’re building a commercial or residential project, using propane in construction helps you and your workers get the job done. Propane runs portable generators that can charge power tools and run lights on-site. And it can run construction equipment such as forklifts. In the cold winters of western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia, keeping construction zones and your workers warm is paramount.

    In fact, ProGas offers propane temporary heaters to always keep the job going! Ask us about them today.

  • Propane helps your project be green
    Because propane creates much fewer emissions than oil or electricity, using propane in your construction projects helps reduce the carbon footprint in that area. You can also earn points under green building programs like LEED certification.
  • You can sell energy and money savings
    According to a 2019 study from the National Association of Home Builders, home buyers are willing to spend on average $8,728 upfront on a home to save $1,000 a year in energy bills. Installing high-efficiency propane home heating and water heating systems let you leverage that to sell your residential homes and developments.
  • You could qualify for a financial incentive
    The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) offers up to $7,500 a year to qualifying residential construction firms who build and remodel homes using PERC’s Propane Energy Pod model.
  • Safety becomes a selling point
    Propane powers generators, which means both homeowners and businesses get increased safety and resiliency during storms and other natural disasters. That resiliency is essential for health care businesses like hospitals and long-term care facilities. And, homebuyers have peace of mind knowing critical systems in their home like HVAC can still run during a power outage.

Learn more about the advantages propane brings to your building projects. Talk with the ProGas professionals today!

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