Propane Forklifts Vs. Electric Forklifts

We’ll show you why to choose propane forklifts for your Tri-state area business

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Does your greater Pittsburgh area business rely on forklifts? They’re workhorses in all sorts of businesses, including: construction, chemical plants, distribution centers, paving companies, warehouses, manufacturing and recycling, to name a few!

The right forklift can help your business be more efficient, saving both time and money. And all that can happen when you use propane forklifts with the ProGas on-site forklift cylinder exchange!

Why are propane forklifts better than electric forklifts?

We can offer you four great reasons why you should go with propane forklifts for your business.

All-day usage: Propane forklifts just keep going and going. An average propane cylinder for forklifts can keep a forklift going for around eight hours, meaning you get a full shift’s work. When the forklift runs out of propane, your workers can swap out the empty tank for a fresh one and be back on the job in around five minutes. Electric forklifts? Once they run out of juice, they’re on the sidelines and unavailable to use for eight hours (or more!) to recharge.

Power: This is one area where propane stands tall over electricity. Propane forklifts keep running at full power until the cylinder needs to be replaced. Electric forklifts, on the other hand, keep losing power as the juice gets lower. Propane models also can carry heavier loads, and are proven to be better on inclines than electric forklifts, also.

All-weather use: Most electric forklifts can’t work in wet conditions. Propane can work in both wet and dry. So if you’re moving materials indoors from the outside, or vice-versa, propane can get the job done safely and easily.

Clean-burning: Propane is clean-burning, so it is easier on your forklift engine. That means your forklift will last longer and need less maintenance. Propane, being a low-emission fuel, it’s also better than electricity for the environment.

ProGas can keep your forklifts on the move

ProGas has a long record when it comes to propane cylinder exchange. We also have a history of meeting the propane needs of businesses all over the greater Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia tri-state area.

We’ve taken our experience and adapted it to a cylinder exchange program for our commercial clients.

We safely and efficiently will supply you with the propane cylinders you need to keep your propane forklifts running for you. With ProGas, you get propane cylinder deliveries and exchanges customized to fit your schedule and your needs.

You also won’t get bogged down with a contract that doesn’t work for your business. ProGas offers flexible service agreements, either month-to-month or long-term.

ProGas is also committed to safety. Our professionals will not only set up propane storage cages on your site, we’ll provide training for your employees so they will know how to handle propane and propane cylinders safely. You also have the peace of mind that knowing our cylinders are carefully inspected and meet all safety standards and regulations.

Want to learn more about how ProGas and our forklift cylinder exchange can meet your business’s needs? Contact us today and become a ProGas customer to have your fleet fueled more efficiently this season, and beyond!