Propane Tanks

Installation and refills for propane tanks



ProGas carries a wide range of tank styles and sizes—both aboveground and underground—to suit the needs of your home. Whether it’s a smaller tank that provides fuel for multiple appliances or a larger tank with the capacity to heat an estate home, our team of tank experts can assess your requirements and help you choose the tank size that’s right for you. We will handle the job for you from beginning (installation) to end (refilling).

Options in propane tanks

Since propane is used in so many different ways, propane tanks come in a wide range of sizes. Here is an overview of what we supply.

20-pound cylinders

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120-gallon tanks

These aboveground tanks typically store fuel for people who use a significant amount of propane, but not for home heating. They may use it for stoves, clothes dryers, space heaters or fireplaces. A 120-gallon tank is the ideal size for a household that uses about 50 gallons of fuel per month.

500-gallon tanks

These tanks store large amounts of propane for customers who use propane for heating. They are designed for households using 100 to 200 gallons a month. Aboveground and underground tanks are available for installation.

1,000-gallon tanks and larger

These tanks are used for large residential estates (as well as commercial and industrial applications). Aboveground and underground tanks are available for installation.

To lease or not to lease

We always recommend leasing a tank from ProGas, because you will have much less to worry about. When you lease your tank from us, we are fully responsible for tank maintenance and safety; we are experts in the safe handling of propane tanks.

Most customers find that this is cost effective and lessens worries. Buying and installing your own tank could cost thousands of dollars, depending on its size. A customer who owns a tank is also entirely responsible for all maintenance and repairs.

Learn about propane tanks and propane tank installation from the propane tank experts and contact us.