Wireless Propane Tank Monitor Service in Western PA

Get peace of mind with Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitoring from ProGas!

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At ProGas, we are committed to providing our customers in Greater Pittsburgh, Northern West Virginia, and Southeastern Ohio with reliable propane delivery all year long.

It’s why we offer Automatic Delivery, where your propane usage and current weather conditions are used to calculate when you need more propane and we schedule your delivery.

There are some customers, however, who want or need more precision and security when it comes to getting their propane. For them, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring with Tank Utility.

Wireless propane tank monitoring is the ultimate in ease, convenience, and peace of mind. You no longer need outdoors in cold, wet conditions to check your propane tank gauge levels. Worrying over forgetting to check your propane supply is a thing of the past because wireless propane tank monitoring does it for you!

Tank Utility’s wireless propane tank monitors are well-made, durable, waterproof, and rated to handle temperatures as low as -40° Fahrenheit.

How does wireless propane tank monitoring work?

tank utility monitor pennsylvania

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Once you enroll in wireless propane tank monitoring, your work is done!

  • ProGas installs the Tank Utility monitor right on your propane tank. Since your tank is outdoors, you don’t even need to be home for the installation!
  • The Tank Utility monitor uses innovative 4G LTE and WiFi technology to keep ProGas informed in real-time, 24/7, exactly how much propane is in your tank.
  • You can also track your propane supply on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet with the Tank Utility app anywhere you get a signal. When your tank gauge reaches a set level, you get a message via email or text.
  • If you use Automatic Delivery, you can enjoy being work and worry-free! We’ll get notified by your monitor when you need more propane, and then we’ll immediately schedule your next delivery delivery. If you prefer to use Will-Call, you can contact us to request a propane delivery as soon as you get the notification by text or email.

Who should use wireless propane tank monitoring?

Anyone who wants complete peace of mind with their propane supply! However, there are some customers for whom wireless propane tank monitoring from ProGas will be an ideal fit. Here are some examples:

People who travel frequently or live elsewhere part of the year. Not being home for long periods can make for irregular propane usage. Using wireless propane tank monitoring ensures that you’ll get propane when you need it and only when you need it.

Owners of second homes or income properties. Whether it’s a lakeside retreat, a short-term rental or a multifamily home, wireless propane tank monitoring makes sure that your other properties will always have propane.

People who manage affairs for elderly parents or relatives. Caretaking takes a lot of time and energy. Wireless propane tank monitoring takes some of the work and worries off your plate.

If you want worry-free propane delivery, contact ProGas today to sign up for Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitoring!