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Home propane delivery and home propane service

No one understands your home energy needs the way we do. We don’t just provide you with propane. ProGas delivers top-quality service to residential customers, thanks to our team of highly skilled propane professionals who make your satisfaction their top priority.

Our residential customers use propane to warm their homes, heat their water, cook their food and dry their clothes. Propane is also used for gas grills, gas fireplace logs, swimming-pool heaters and spa heaters. Propane can even be used to power lighting, refrigerators and generators.

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Propane delivery

Let ProGas be your reliable propane-delivery company! Whenever you need propane delivered to your home, you can trust our team to always be there for you. Our delivery staff works incredibly hard to ensure that you have a dependable supply, regardless of the weather or market conditions.

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propane tanks

Propane tanks

Count on ProGas to get you set up with the right size propane tank and to ensure prompt deliveries. We have a range of sizes to suit your home’s needs—from smaller tanks that provide fuel for multiple appliances to larger tanks with the capacity to heat a large home.

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Payment options

Get set up on a monthly payment plan to help manage winter fuel bills. We can also help protect you against winter price spikes with the Advantage PROtection plan, which allows you to lock in your rate.

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Propane safety

We adhere to all of the latest guidelines on propane transportation, delivery, and appliance connections. Find out more about propane safety in and around your home with our learning modules.

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For Your Grilling Needs

If you use portable propane tanks for grills, patio heaters or other heating devices, you can visit one of our filling stations to exchange your empty cylinder for a full one.

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If you use propane for your home and want to learn more about our home propane service:

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