Fuel Your Landscaping Fleet With Propane

Save Money And Increase Productivity!

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Spring has arrived and here in greater Pittsburgh, and landscaping businesses like yours are already fielding calls to begin work at local homes, businesses, golf courses, and more.

If you are looking to improve your bottom line, ProGas has an idea for you. Convert your landscaping equipment and fleet vehicles to propane!

We provide commercial cylinder exchange and propane autogas services that help your business be more efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly while giving you a leg up on your competition.

The Benefits Of Propane

You may use propane in your home and know that it is a versatile, efficient fuel source. But you may not know what it can do for your landscaping business. Here are some of the ways you can grow your business and bottom line with propane:

Cost-efficiency. Propane typically costs less per gallon than gasoline. As an added bonus, the government does not tax propane. You may even be eligible for a tax break by converting your vehicles and trucks to propane!

Environmental Friendliness. Propane has up to 60% fewer carbon emissions than other fuels. Unlike gasoline, does not harm air, water, or soil if it leaks. Your employees won’t be breathing in gasoline exhaust fumes. You’ll have an advantage over your competition with environmentally conscious clients.

Productivity. Your employees no longer lose time having to fill an empty gasoline tank. Replacing an empty propane tank with a full one is a matter of moments and they’re back on the job.

When your fleet vehicles use autogas, they are filled at your business and your employees don’t have to stop work to find a filling station. Managing your fleet fueling will be less time-consuming and you can track your fuel usage far easier.

Equipment Protection. Propane is clean-burning and has a higher-octane rating than gasoline. That’s great for your equipment and vehicles because they’ll on average require less maintenance over their lifespan. Your equipment and vehicles may also last a lot longer, meaning you won’t need to replace them as frequently as you do now. Your mowers and other gear will spend less time in the shop and more time on the job helping to generate income!

Reliable Domestic Supply. More than 90% of propane is made in the United States, with much of the rest coming from Canada. Regardless of what happens elsewhere in the world, you can count on our propane supply remaining consistent to keep you fueled when you need it most.

ProGas can help give your landscaping business a competitive edge. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!