PROpane Express Exchanges and Refills are Near You!

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Easy Exchanges and Refills Near You

Your propane grill gets a lot of use in the summer, from big cookouts with all the relatives, to a fast weeknight dinner of grilled chicken breasts. Don’t let an empty propane tank put a damper on your summer grilling!

ProGas offers PROpane Express, our propane cylinder exchange stations located all over the Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio tri-state area.

PROpane Express is at gas stations, convenience stores, home and garden centers, and more. You can exchange your empty cylinder for a new one, and also buy an extra one to be sure you’ll never run out when it’s time to grill. Our tanks are attractive, safe and easy to use. And our prices are competitive.

How to Exchange your Propane Cylinder

We make getting a full propane BBQ tank easy. Come to a PROpane Express location, find the clerk or salesperson, and exchange your tank.

Don’t forget – propane safety is always important, too! Always transport a propane cylinder upright. And never leave a tank inside your car for any length of time beyond transporting it, especially in the summer.

Here’s how to remove the empty cylinder from your propane grill:

  1. Always start with turning off the grill.
  2. Find the cylinder’s tank valve and the grill’s pressure regulator
  3. Make sure that the tank valve is closed by turning it all the way to the right
  4. Turn the threaded pressure regulator counterclockwise to unscrew it
  5. Remove the tank

If you have any questions about safely removing or connecting a propane cylinder, get in touch with the experts at ProGas.

Find a PROpane Express near you. We’re closer than you think!

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