Use Our PROpane Express Cylinder Exchange for Your Propane Grill

Keep Your Cookout Going Strong with a Fresh Cylinder from ProGas

propane tank for grills pennsylvaniaCan you believe we’re just days from Memorial Day weekend? That means it’s time to start thinking about grilling, as the holiday weekend is the unofficial start of grilling season.

Even if you can’t host a big cookout this year thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, you can still do something nice for yourself and your family at home. We have some great grilling ideas!

Take some time ahead of Memorial Day weekend to get your grill ready with an inspection and cleaning. And make sure you have a full propane cylinder, because nothing ruins a cookout quite like not being able to cookout!

If you need a full propane cylinder, look no further than our PROpane Express propane cylinder exchange. Our exchange sites are located all over our greater Pittsburgh service area of western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and eastern Ohio.

You can find PROpane Express at convenience stores, gas stations, home improvement stores, garden centers, and hardware stores. Click here to find the nearest one near you!

PROpane Express is ridiculously easy. You go into the store (without the empty cylinder; leave that in the car) and ask a clerk to do an exchange. You can even purchase an extra cylinder so you know you’ll have enough to last a while.

Add PROpane Express to your retail business

Are you looking for a new revenue stream for your retail business, and want to grow your customer base? Adding a PROpane Express cylinder exchange is just the ticket!

PROpane Express is ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, home improvement stores, hardware stores, garden centers and more. And when people come to your business looking for a full propane cylinder, they may leave with more purchases from your store for their cookout, from chips and dips to grill tongs and mitts. And they’ll remember your business for the next time they need a propane cylinder, so you’re more likely to have repeat business, too.

We’ll help you set up the exchange so that it complies with all safety and other codes, train your employees on best safety practices and managing a cylinder exchange, and provide reliable delivery of clean, safe, inspected, and filled cylinders so you’ll always have propane cylinders for your customers.

Contact us to learn more about PROpane Express for your home, or your business, today!