Propane Energy Benefits: An Eco-Friendly Source

Using propane from ProGas helps the planet in several ways

eco friendly fuel pennsylvaniaYou do your best to be as easy on our environment as possible. Maybe you use reusable bags for your grocery shopping or you sort your trash for recycling. Perhaps you compost. Or, you installed a programmable thermostat for more energy-efficient heating and cooling.

No matter how many green initiatives you undertake, there’s something else we suggest you do for the planet: Use propane from ProGas in your greater Pittsburgh home or business!

How is propane good for the environment?

Propane is listed as an alternative energy source under the 1990 Clean Air Act and 1992 National Energy Policy Act.

That’s because propane is a clean-burning energy source with a low carbon content and it produces almost no greenhouse gas emissions or air pollutants. It also has lower amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide compared with other petroleum-based fuel sources.

Using propane can help cut your energy use, which is also better for the environment. For example, propane water heaters give you hot water nearly 40 percent faster than electric water heaters.

Propane is also better for the environment because, in the event of a leak, it won’t damage the air, soil and water around the leak. No plant or animal life is damaged, either. It is also nontoxic, which means it’s safe to use store in an underground propane tank.

Businesses can use propane for their equipment like forklifts and commercial mowers, which means they can get the job done with fewer emissions and no risk of gasoline or diesel leaks.

Propane autogas is a great choice for businesses to fuel their fleet vehicles like delivery vans, food and beverage distribution trucks, moving vans and shuttle buses. More and more school districts are turning to propane for their bus fleet as well!

Propane autogas not only creates much lower emissions than gasoline or diesel, it also helps vehicles need less maintenance and have a longer engine life.

Become a ProGas customer and enjoy all the benefits of environmentally-friendly propane delivered from a company you can trust!

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