Propane Cooktops: Benefits Vs. Their Electric Counterparts

Find Out Why Cooking With Propane Is So Much Better!

gas range cooking ohioWhy do restaurants and celebrity chefs use gas cooktops? They know something you don’t: Cooking with gas gets better results than cooking with electricity! And with propane, you can have those benefits wherever you live. You don’t need to have a natural gas utility available in your neighborhood.

Propane’s Superiority To Electricity In Cooking

A propane cooktop lets you adjust heat levels instantly. Electric cooktops take much longer for the burners to heat up or cool down. That time can turn a perfectly medium-rare steak into shoe leather.

Adjustments on a propane cooktop are much more precise as well. Electric cooktops have set levels, with no option for anything in-between. Propane, on the other hand, lets you set your heat to anywhere between low and high that works for you. The burners on propane cooktops provide a more even distribution of heat than you get with electric cooktops. When you’re making something delicate like fish or sauces, that even heating means burning or scorching are less likely.

Some propane cooktops come with a long center burner that accommodates griddles or grill pans and heats them evenly. You can make pancakes for the whole family quickly and easily. Propane cooktops also offer features like sealed burners for easier cleaning.

And because you’re using propane, you’ll always be able to cook up that next great meal you have in mind! If the power goes out and you have an electric cooktop, you’re not cooking a thing. With dependable propane delivery from ProGas, you can be assured that you’ll always have the propane you need to get dinner on the table. Our Keep Full automatic delivery and wireless tank monitoring with Tank Utility give you even more peace of mind!

Propane Cooktop Tips

These tips will not only help you cook better, but with better energy efficiency.

  1. Watch the burner’s flame color. If the flame on your propane range burns yellow rather than blue, it is wasting energy and needs maintenance or potential repair.
  2. Keep the burner flame as low as possible. A higher flame on your propane range won’t necessarily cook your food faster, but it will definitely use more propane. Modern cookware is extremely conductive and holds heat very well. Most of the time you don’t need as much flame as you think.
  3. Use the right-sized burner for your pot. Putting a small pot on a large burner can waste 40% of the burner’s heat. Match the burner to the job and you’ll save on energy costs every time you cook.

Become a ProGas customer and enjoy reliable propane delivery all year ‘round! And don’t forget to ask about our wireless tank monitoring!