Use Autogas to Fuel Your Business Fleet!

ProGas can even set up an autogas filling station on-site!

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Vehicle fleet management poses many challenges to local business owners here in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia Tri-state area. This includes tracking the cost of fuel and receipts from each fueling stop. Additionally, you’ll need to monitor maintenance and repair costs, as well as the cost of purchasing all-new vehicles.

However, there is a way to take care of your fleet vehicles and fueling that can be done both efficiently and cost-effectively. Set up a propane autogas filling station at your business with the help of ProGas!

ProGas is a local leader in complete autogas services. In getting started, we’ll sit down with you to thoroughly go over your fleet vehicles and your specific fueling needs. We help you with converting your fleet vehicles to autogas power—and procuring autogas vehicles if needed.

What kinds of vehicles can operate on propane autogas? All kinds! This includes:

  • School buses
  • Delivery vans
  • Municipal buses
  • Food-service trucks
  • Police cars
  • Freight trucks
  • Shuttle buses
  • Commercial utility vans—like those used by plumbers, carpenters, painters, and other trades
  • Moving vans

We’ll manage the installation of your autogas filling station from start to finish. And once you’re set up, we set up an autogas delivery schedule, so your fleet vehicles always have the fuel they need!

The Benefits of Autogas vs. Traditional Fuels

When your fleet runs on autogas, you get the return on your investment from day one.

When you compare autogas vehicles to those that run on diesel or gasoline, they—on average—last longer while requiring less maintenance, which can help your lower equipment costs. Converting your fleet from gasoline or diesel to autogas may make your business may be eligible for a tax break and other incentives, too!

Improving Your Businesses Bottom-Line

An autogas filling station helps to optimize your company’s efficiency. Rather than go out your way to locate the nearest station, simply fill it up in your own backyard—the pump looks almost exactly like a regular gasoline or diesel pump and is just as easy to operate!

It is also easier to track and manage your fuel costs with autogas. Drivers don’t have re-submit receipts or use a company credit card, and staff doesn’t have to go through the tedious process of all that recording. All your fuel costs are right there in your ProGas statement. You’ll also save money, since autogas almost eliminates the possibility of fuel theft.

What’s more? Autogas gives you a competitive edge with customers and potential customers who value environmental friendliness. And speaking of environmental friendliness, autogas is far and away better for the environment than gasoline or diesel. Autogas is clean burning and creates 12% less carbon dioxide, 20% less nitrogen oxide, and up to 60% less carbon monoxide than unleaded gasoline!

Contact us to get started on adding a propane autogas filling station to your business!