Grow Your Landscaping Business in PA, WV & OH with Propane

Lawn landscaping

While there are many different ways propane can be used in your business, one of the biggest trends we’re seeing is within the landscaping industry – where more people are finding that propane can do that too!

ProGas can supply propane for all sorts of uses in professional landscaping, whether it’s for homes, golf courses, or numerous other commercial sites.

Keep reading and find out more on how ProGas propane can make your business better.

Save Time, Money and the Environment

So much of the equipment used in your landscaping business can run on propane.

Generators that can recharge your electric handheld equipment like chainsaws, trimmers and blowers can be fueled by propane. Your mowers can run on propane. The same is true for the forklifts that move landscaping materials around a job site. The trucks that bring your supplies to a job can also be fueled with Propane Autogas; more and more equipment is being adapted to run using this versatile choice of fuel.

When it comes to mowers specifically, you certainly aren’t limited on particular models that can be fueled with propane. In fact, here are more than 150 models of mowers from leading brands that use propane as their primary fuel source! Whether you need a stand-on, walk-behind or zero-turn-radius mower, you can find what you need with the benefits of propane.

On-site fueling service

ProGas can also save you time, and money, with our on-site fueling service that frees up your employees from having to fuel up their own vehicles. Within a matter of weeks, we can design and install a propane fueling system right at your location or simply schedule on-site fueling of your fleet with our array of delivery trucks.

Propane is consistently a more affordable fuel option than diesel or gasoline. Plus, if you have clients who care about sustainability, your use of propane is a great selling point. Propane has lower emissions than gasoline, and isn’t toxic to the environment even if it’s spilled.

In need of cylinders? ProGas offers delivery of cylinders to fuel your mowers, generators, forklifts and other equipment, too. It’s that easy with us.

Looking for even more ways propane may save you money? The Propane Mower Incentive Program offers landscaping businesses like yours an opportunity to earn rebated for purchasing new propane commercial mowers of converting your old ones to propane!

At the end of the day, ProGas doesn’t just offer propane… We offer outstanding service. Contact ProGas today to learn more about how propane can help your landscaping business!