Propane: A Smarter Choice than Natural Gas

propane stoveIt may be tempting to make the switch from heating oil or propane to natural gas in your home, considering some of the stories you have probably heard about the wonderful benefits of the latter.

But there are many reasons not to make the switch – especially if you currently run your home with propane.

One reason to skip a conversion to natural gas is that many communities in greater Pittsburgh, Ohio and West Virginia don’t yet have access to the fuel. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a natural gas pipeline, you’re out of luck.

A second reason is that the natural gas conversion process can be costly. For example, simply running a natural gas line from the street to your home can cost up to $1,300 – and that doesn’t include the cost of fixing up your lawn after all that digging.

If you are switching from heating oil or propane systems, you will also have to pay to convert or replace your equipment so it can run on natural gas – and if you have an existing propane tank on your property, you will probably have to pay to have it removed. Ka-ching!

Why Sticking with Propane Is the Right Move

Propane gives you the same high powered, high-efficiency performance as natural gas – in fact, it delivers more BTUs than natural gas, giving you more than than twice the usable energy per cubic foot. And it does it all without the hassles and costs of connecting to a pipeline.

When you power your home with propane and lease a propane tank from ProGas, all you have to worry about is paying for your gas – we’ll take care of installation and maintenance of your tank throughout the life of your lease.

Propane is also more reliable than natural gas: since your propane supply is stored on your property in a propane tank, you don’t have to worry about gas line damage or pipeline interruptions. With Keep Full automatic propane delivery from ProGas, we’ll take care of managing your propane supply so you’ll never have to worry about delivery calls or run-outs!

Become a ProGas customer and get reliable, safe propane delivery in the ProGas service area of greater Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Ohio!