Propane: A Safe, Clean Alternative To Natural Gas

Find out how propane works for your home

There’s a lot to like about using gas in your greater Pittsburgh area home. It not only can provide heat, but power other appliances that enhance your quality of life.

You get great energy efficiency and clean burning for heating your home and for water heating. Gas stoves offer precision temperature control for better cooking. A gas clothes dryer gets your laundry dry faster with less wear and fewer wrinkles. Gas fireplaces give you cozy warmth without the work of a wood-burning fireplace.

Propane’s Potential

While natural gas is a good option for many, you should take a look at propane and propane delivery from ProGas. Here’s why:

  1. You can have propane anywhere. You have to live in a neighborhood where a utility runs gas lines if you want natural gas. If you don’t live in one, no natural gas for you! But even if you live out in the country, propane comes to you with ProGas’ propane delivery.
  2. Your propane supply is where you live. If something happens to the natural gas utility’s gas lines in your neighborhood, you’ll be without natural gas for keeping your home warm, heating your water and more. But your propane tank is right there next to your home. And with Keep Full automatic propane delivery from ProGas, you have peace of mind knowing you’ll always have propane when you need it most.
  3. Propane installation is flexible. With propane, you can decide where the propane gas line enters your home as long as the propane tank can be installed nearby at a safe clearance from the home or other structures. This often isn’t true when it comes to natural gas lines.
  4. You get more energy. Propane produces 2,490 BTUs as opposed to 1,030 for natural gas. That means you get more bang for your energy buck!

Find out more about the benefits of propane for your home, and how we can keep you fueled up all season long – and beyond. Contact ProGas, today!