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Propane Autogas refilling stations from ProGas keeps your fleet on the road

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If your Allegheny, Beaver, or Butler County business relies on fleet vehicles, keeping them fueled may seem like a full-time job – but it doesn’t have to be when your fleet vehicles are powered by propane Autogas from ProGas!

More and more businesses in Greater Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio are turning to propane Autogas as a money-saving and environmentally-friendly fuel choice for their fleet vehicles.

Just about any type of fleet can (and does!) run on propane Autogas, including:

  • Delivery vans
  • Shuttle buses
  • Paratransit buses
  • Police cars
  • Food and beverage distribution trucks
  • School buses
  • Pickup trucks

Commercial vans such as those used by florists, plumbers and electricians

Advantages of your own propane Autogas refilling station

Think about all the times your fleet drivers have to stop work during their work day to find a gas station and fill up their vehicle. If those vehicles run on propane, they’ll likely spend even more time trying to find a fueling station that pumps Autogas.

ProGas can make things easier by installing a propane Autogas refueling station right on your business property. Our professionals can design and install a self-contained Advantage propane Autogas refilling station that works for your business. And we can get it done in just weeks!

Having your own propane Autogas refilling station offers many advantages for your business. First, they’re easy to install and reasonably priced. They’re also easy to use – in fact, pumping propane is not much different than pumping gasoline. But unlike gasoline, there’s no environmental damage if you have a propane Autogas leak – it simply dissipates in the air without harming the air, soil or water, and you won’t need to worry about costly clean-ups. There’s also a much lower risk of fuel theft.

A propane Autogas refilling station from ProGas makes managing your fleet’s fuel costs easier. We offer optional fuel-tracking software for tank monitoring that lets you be on top of your fleet’s fuel usage.

Why switch to propane Autogas?

Bottom line, propane Autogas for fleet vehicles saves your business money. Historically, propane costs less per gallon than gasoline or diesel. Also, vehicles powered by propane Autogas need less maintenance and have a longer engine life. And propane Autogas has the longest driving range of any alternative fuel on the market today.

Propane Autogas is better for the land, air and water everywhere in, and around, the greater Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Ohio area! In addition to not causing any environmental damage in the event of a propane leak, propane Autogas creates much fewer emissions. How much fewer? Try 20 percent less carbon monoxide, 10 percent less carbon dioxide, and 40 percent fewer nitrogen oxides.

Find out more about how propane Autogas can benefit your business. Contact ProGas today!

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