ProCard Autopay: What Is It And How Do I Enroll?

Make paying your propane bills as simple as can be

simplify bill payment pennsylvania

Think about all you have to do in a day: From work to cooking to cleaning, you’re pretty busy sunrise to sundown. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut down your to-do list a little? ProGas can help with that!

Our ProCard Autopay plan makes managing your ProGas account even easier, meaning you have less work and worry about the propane you need to keep your greater Pittsburgh area home warm, safe, and comfortable.

How does ProCard Autopay work?

When you enroll in ProCard Autopay, your credit card is put on file with your ProGas account. Your monthly payment is then automatically deducted from your credit card. With ProCard Autopay, you get insurance that your bill is always paid on time every month so you don’t ever incur any late fees, or forget to drop a check in the mail.

And then there’s another added benefit with ProCard Autopay: If your credit card has a points program, putting your ProGas payment on the credit card can help you build up those points faster so you can continue to earn all sorts of great rewards.

Customers tell us they love our Auto Pay program because it’s just plain easy. This program, which can be combined with e-bill (statements are sent via email), saves you hassle and makes it less likely you’ll inadvertently miss a bill in winter, which could create problems all their own!

Payment and pricing options to fit your needs

ProCard Autopay is just the beginning. We have many other ways of making life easier for you, too!

You can take control of your propane costs with our ProPay monthly budget plan. Instead of your propane bills yo-yoing throughout the year based on how much propane you used (lower in summer, much higher in winter, typically) your propane costs are spread out over 10 easy, monthly payments. Enrollment is FREE and there are no financing costs as long as your account remains in good standing.

Want to get started with ProCard Autopay? Contact us today to enroll! It’s quick, and hassle-free. Experience the ProGas difference and join our family today. From propane to welding, equipment rentals and more, we’ll help you tackle your next job with ease!