Keep Your Propane Supply Full, Secure and Accessible this Winter

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Propane cylinders winter

Winter has arrived in full measure here in Butler County, and much of the Mid-Atlantic region. It’s understandable in the midst of the brisk temperatures that you want to be sure that your home is kept warm, safe and comfortable even in the coldest of cold snaps.

ProGas is committed to making sure our customers will always get the propane they need from us. You can also help us help you even more by following some of our seasonal tips, below:

Enroll in Keep Full automatic delivery

Baby, it’s cold outside; and you have to go outside to check your propane tank gauge levels. But when you sign up for Keep Full automatic delivery from ProGas, you can stay inside where it’s warm! We’ll keep track of your propane usage and the weather, and schedule an automatic delivery before you ever run low.

Help us get your propane to you

Shoveling or snow blowing your driveway can be a big chore, especially after a big snowstorm. But it’s necessary if you want your propane deliveries to go uninterrupted. If our ProGas delivery drivers can’t safely get down your driveway it may affect whether or not we’re able to deliver your propane. This also applies to your propane tank. Keep a clear and safe path to your propane tank, and use a colored flag on a pole that is visible above a snow drift to mark the location of your propane tank should mother nature bring her worst.

Take special care of your propane tank

Don’t let snow sit on or around your propane tank. Snow blocks sunlight from keeping your propane tank warmer, and may reduce the pressure in your tank to the point where it can impact operating your propane appliances. When heavy snow is left on the tank, it can make damage fittings and joints, and also make the tank shift. Those can create leaks. And the snow can block that leaking gas from dissipating into the air, creating a potentially dangerous gas buildup. Protect your tank by keeping it and the area around it clear. But please don’t use a plow or a shovel, because they can damage the tank or the parts. Use a broom to clear snow.

Know what to do if you smell gas

Should you ever smell an odor resembling propane in or around your home, make sure everyone safely leaves the house, and don’t use any electrical switches or phones until a safe distance away. Extinguish any ignition sources like candles or cigarettes. Once these are addressed, contact ProGas or call 911. You can find more information at our Propane Safety page.

Get safe and reliable propane deliveries with ProGas! Become a customer and you’ll get a FREE propane tank installation or swap and a FREE leak test, too!