Year-round Industrial Gas Supply And Service

industrial gas pennsylvaniaIf your business relies on industrial gases, ProGas is the supplier you can count on for dependable deliveries and top quality products. Diverse businesses throughout Greater Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia area rely on us every day to come through for them.

They feel fully confident that our years of experience and professionalism will always serve them well.

Thousands of satisfied customers

The types of businesses we serve include those in manufacturing, welding, auto body shops, food service, restaurants, event sites/ banquet halls, plumbing companies, commercial propane users. HVAC installation and repair shops, and party stores. As just one example, automotive repair and auto-body shops use welding gases as well as gases like oxygen and acetylene.

Besides acetylene and oxygen, we also supply beer gas, helium, nitrogen, argon, and an argon/carbon dioxide (CO2) blend.

Argon/CO2 blends are versatile mixtures for welding carbon, low-alloy and some stainless steels. These blends can be used to join a wide range of material thickness while utilizing a variety of modes of metal transfer.

Abundant supply backed up by top-notch service

We customize our services to fit the needs of your business. Our professionals are knowledgeable and experienced with industrial gases, and they can tailor your needs to fit all budgets, and all size companies. We can also do custom-blended gases, as well as certified mixtures.

Once we have you all set up with your industrial gases, we’ll create a cylinder package to suit your supply and usage. We can do high-pressure cylinders and bulk gas systems – we even offer same-day and next-day delivery service!

Welding gases and supplies

Another reason we are one of the leaders in this industry is we supply critical welding supplies. We have the resources to also service all kinds of welding machines, including MIG, TIG, SMAW and engine-driven welders. [LINK TO:] Welders can also get all of their welding supplies and safety equipment needed from us.

And of course, in this type of business, safety always remains the number one priority, for both our customers and employees.

As assurance, we produce our industrial gases in strict compliance with the safety specifications of the Compressed Gas Association.

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