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industrial gas supplier pennsylvaniaProGas has become the local, dependable industrial gas supply and service company that a wide range of Pennsylvania businesses count on. These include HVAC businesses, plumbers, automotive body shops, party stores, restaurants and other hospitality businesses, foodservice businesses, breweries, manufacturers, welders, and more!

We have extensive experience providing industrial gas services to all kinds of businesses here in the Greater Pittsburgh region. Our commercial gas experts will thoroughly go over your business’s needs when it comes to industrial gases and craft a customized delivery and service plan based on those needs.

You can be assured of safety and quality because our industrial gases are produced in strict compliance with the specifications of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA).

What’s even better? ProGas also supplies welding services, equipment, and parts, as well as protective equipment, and safety gear, too! We’re your one-stop shop to make doing business with us…easy!

What Industrial Gases Does ProGas Offer?

Acetylene. Acetylene is a gas that can weld materials at extremely high temperatures. As a result, it’s typically utilized for applications that other gases cannot fulfill. Acetylene is used in the chemical industry to synthesize substances like Vitamin A and some plastics. 

Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a common industrial gas, used in the production of various chemicals, fire suppression systems, and for carbonating soft drinks. Carbon dioxide has many applications. It is used to preserve food by freezing it, as well as chilling meats before grinding and refrigerating foods while they are being transported.

Helium. There is much more to helium than blowing up balloons! Helium is utilized in health care institutions to guarantee the superconductivity of MRI magnets. Helium is also used in the production of fiber optics and electronics such as flat screens and semiconductors, as well as in space exploration and satellites.

Nitrogen. In packaging perishable foods, nitrogen is used to replace oxygen. Foods such as meats, fruits, vegetables, and packaged snacks can have their shelf lives prolonged if there is no oxygen. Food packaging may also contain nitrogen gas to offer protection during transit.

Argon. Argon is frequently used in welding to provide a protective barrier. Shielding protects molten metals from air pollutants and oxidizing agents like oxygen or water vapor. The heat transfer capabilities of argon are improved by incorporating helium.

Argon or carbon dioxide blends. This is yet another gas that’s used in welding. The welding arc is stabilized by combining argon with carbon dioxide.

Beer gas. To make different types of beer, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are combined in varying proportions. Selecting the appropriate beer gas combination is critical for getting an ideal consistency and flavor while pouring the beverage.

Oxygen. Many of the procedures that take place in steel manufacturing and other metals refining require of oxygen. Oxygen is also used in a wide range of industries, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, glass, and ceramic manufacturing, as well as pulp and paper production. Oxygen is commonly utilized in hospitals, outpatient healthcare facilities, and home care.

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