How to Use your Propane BBQ Grill during Winter

Our PROpane Express Exchange Stations have the propane cylinders you need so you can grill any time!

propane winter bbq grillNow that all of the holiday feasting is over, we’re counting the days until it’s spring again and we can use our propane BBQ grill for all kinds of yummy dishes.

But who says we really need to wait? Stop staring out the window longingly at your propane BBQ grill. Get out there and get grilling!

You may think we’re nuts. It’s winter. It’s cold here in the greater Pittsburgh area. No matter! You can still use your propane BBQ grill and enjoy all your favorite warm-weather grilled foods. But you do need to adjust how you grill so you can do it easily and safely. Here are some tips:

Have plenty of propane. Because it’s so much colder now, your propane BBQ grill is going to use more propane compared with summertime to get and keep your grill hot enough for grilling. It may take around 10 minutes longer for your grill to warm up. Always have a spare propane cylinder at home so you don’t run out of propane in the middle of grilling. With PROpane Express Exchange Stations located all over greater Western Pennsylvania, you’re always able to get the propane you need for your grill.

Move your grill. Put your grill where it’s shielded from the wind as much as possible, and place it perpendicular to the wind. This prevents wind from blowing out the flame or blowing down the tube burners. While having it closer to the house makes sense for ease and safety, keep it at least 10 feet away to prevent fires and protect your siding from melting.

Speaking of safety… First and foremost, NEVER use your propane BBQ grill in an enclosed or covered area such as garages, carports, covered patios or sunporches. Doing so can create a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide. Propane cylinders must not be stored in these places, either, but outdoors. Keep the path to the grill clear and free of ice to prevent falls. Be careful with outerwear. Don’t wear scarves or anything that can dangle over the grill flame and catch fire. Also be aware of the flame’s proximity to your coat. Since your coat is thick, especially if you’re wearing a puffer coat, you might not notice it’s too close until it’s too late.

Be prepared. Have your food ready to go right on the grill by doing any trimming or seasoning while you’re indoors. Gather everything you’re going to need to grill, such as tongs, brushes, sauce or seasonings, and trays to carry the food. That way, you’re not having to go back and forth as much, and will use less propane from opening and closing the cover as frequent.

Shine a light. Since it gets dark earlier in winter, you need light to safely operate the grill and keep an eye on the food while it’s grilling. Place your grill in a well-lit area. A grill light is a good investment.

Think fast. This is not the time for indirect grilling like you do with pork shoulder or brisket. Use less propane and spend less time in the cold by grilling quick foods like vegetables, kebabs, fish, boneless and skinless chicken, and steaks.

Count on PROpane Express year-round so you can grill year-round! To find out more about our PROpane Express locations, or propane delivery for your home, browse through our website or give us a shout, today.

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