Need Help with Your Heating Bill This Season?

Local Programs Can Provide You Some Welcomed Assistance!

bill assistance pennsylvaniaIf you run into trouble covering your heating bills this season, do not hesitate to reach out to us. ProGas provides options, and we will do our best to work out a solution with you.
However, there are several local organizations that can help, too. Please check with your municipality to see what’s available for your residence. 

Additionally, you may also qualify for the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. (LIHEAP), which helps families living on low incomes pay their heating bills in the form of a cash grant. Households in immediate danger of being without heat can also qualify for crisis grants. The cash grant is a one-time payment sent directly to the utility company/fuel provider to be credited on your bill. These grants range from $200 to $1,000.

Remember: This is a grant and does NOT have to be repaid.

How Do I Apply for LIHEAP?

Request benefits online using COMPASS, the tool for Pennsylvanians to apply for health and human service programs and manage benefit information. You can also download a paper application, print it, fill it out, and return it to your local county assistance office. After your application is reviewed, you will receive written notice explaining your eligibility and the amount of assistance you will receive. Please allow 30 days for a response. To be eligible, you must meet income guidelines. You do not have to be on public assistance, nor need to have an unpaid heating bill. You can also either own or rent your home.

Households experiencing a heating crisis may be eligible for additional benefits through the LIHEAP crisis program. Emergencies include:

  • Broken heating equipment or leaking lines that must be fixed or replaced
  • Lack of fuel
  • The main or second heating source has been completely shut off
  • The danger of being without fuel (less than a 15-day supply)
  • The danger of having utility service terminated (you’ve received a notice that service will be shut off within 60 days)

For more information on LIHEAP, please contact your county assistance office.

Even More Protection from ProGas

ProGas can also help you manage your bills. We have designed a couple of payment programs to erase your worries about winter fuel bills. Each ProGas Advantage program offers our customers quality products and the finest, most complete service in the propane industry.

If you need more details about help paying your bill or about any of our ProGas Advantage programs, including our monthly budget program, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to help.