Grilling with Propane Adds to Summertime Cookout Fun!

propane grillWe’re getting into peak grilling season here in the Tri-State region.

Whatever you like to grill — from burgers to brats, prime steaks to pizza — propane can make your big family cookouts and your weeknight dinners al fresco easier and more enjoyable.
ProGas can provide the propane you need to make grilling easier and more enjoyable. Here are some key benefits of grilling with propane.

It’s Convenient

When the heat and humidity reach oppressive levels, the last thing you want to do is turn on your kitchen stove. Grilling outdoors with propane offers you a way to make everything from grilled breakfast tacos to grilled pizza for supper in less time—and for less money—than ordering takeout. And don’t forget dessert! You can grill everything from fruits to pound cake for sweet treats.

You’re in Control

When people talk about what they love about cooking with propane gas, control is the first thing that usually comes up. With a propane grill, just turn the dial and you can instantly adjust the temperature for more precise grilling.
Propane gives you the ability to use that control in all sorts of ways. You can turn up the heat for fast grilling like you do with burgers. You can use medium heat for grilling chicken. Or go low and indirect for slow-cooking foods like pulled pork and brisket. You’re not going to get that type of precise, instant control with a charcoal grill.

Start Fast

Propane makes even busy weeknights a perfect time to grill. It couldn’t be easier: Go outside, turn a dial, push a button and your propane grill is heating up. By the time you’ve come back outside with the food, the grill is hot and ready to go.
Compare that with charcoal, where you have to bring out the charcoal, chimney starter, newspapers, lighter fluid and a lighter. Then pour out the charcoal, ignite it either with lighter fluid or the chimney, then wait at least another 15 minutes before the coals are ready for grilling.

Finish Easy

Propane is easier at the end of the meal as well. Turn the gas off, do a quick cleaning of the grill grates, and sit down to dinner.
With charcoal, you have to wait an hour or longer before the grill cools down enough for you to empty out the ashes. And then there’s the mess and soot that go with that.

Your Food Tastes Great

Don’t listen to the food snobs. Charcoal isn’t the only option for delicious food and barbecue.
Sometimes, you don’t want a lot of smoky flavor in your food. Especially fruit, and some chicken and fish recipes.
And if someone’s been a bit too generous with the lighter fluid, you’ll get an unwanted flavor of butane.

Propane offers clean grilling where the flavors of the food and seasonings shine, and also easy indirect grilling and the option of using wood chips for low-and-slow barbecue.

Contact ProGas today to find out more about supplying your home and grill with propane, or visit one of our PROpane Express Exchange or Refill Locations near you, today!