Get Your Grill Tanks Ready For Labor Day!

ProGas also delivers cylinders right to your home, too!

grill tank delivery pennsylvaniaIt’s hard to believe that Labor Day is coming up soon. And with Labor Day Weekend comes the annual Labor Day Weekend cookouts. What are you planning on making? The classic burgers and hot dogs? Grilled chicken? Kebabs? Maybe some fish?

Whatever you are making, grilling with propane is the way to go. And ProGas makes it even easier than ever with two ways to get the propane cylinders for fuel your grill.

Get propane cylinders delivered

If you like ease and convenience, you will love our propane cylinder exchange home delivery option!

You get safe, contactless delivery of propane cylinders to your home. You can do a cylinder exchange, and also purchase a spare cylinder. And you don’t have to be home for the delivery. Here’s how it works:

Call ProGas at 724-452-7262. Tell us what you need, and make your payment right over the phone. Our prices are:

  • $25.99 plus tax for a propane grill cylinder exchange
  • $56.99 plus tax for a spare propane grill cylinder (tank purchase and fill)

You can do both a cylinder exchange and a spare cylinder purchase at the same time. If you order multiple cylinders, you get a discount!

If you are exchanging a cylinder, it needs to be in a safe, accessible place for our delivery drivers to pick it up. Tell us where that will be when you place your order.
After you put in your order, we’ll schedule a delivery to your home or business.

ProGas will accept all cylinders that meet our exchange criteria. Cylinders must be certified, with no large rust spots, dents, or bulges.

Use Our PROpane Express Locations

If you want to exchange your empty propane cylinder for a full one and don’t want to wait, you can head on over to one of our many PROpane Express cylinder exchange stations.
You can find PROpane Express stations all over our service area of greater Pittsburgh and surrounding areas in West Virginia and eastern Ohio. Our exchange stations are at convenience stores, gas stations, home improvement stores, hardware stores, and garden centers. Visit our website to search for the location nearest you!

Contact us to find out more about our propane cylinder home delivery, or where to snag that fresh tank for your Labor Day cookout. ProGas is ready to assist!