Adding a BBQ Tank Exchange to Your Local Business

Partnering with ProGas Can Help Your Business Prosper!

cylinder refill station pennsylvaniaThe retail industry has changed dramatically in the last two years thanks in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic, between a shift to online shopping and changing consumer needs.

So, as your retail business grows and evolves, it’s likely that you too are looking for ways to give yourself an advantage over your competitors and bring in more customers.

ProGas is here to help you make that happen. Our ProGas ProPane Express BBQ grill tank exchange is an easy, affordable way to expand your customer base while making your business stand out with a unique, valuable service.

ProPane Express Can Benefit All Kinds of Stores!

What kind of retail stores utilize our grill tank exchange?

  • Home improvement stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Garden centers

Given the extreme versatility of propane, you’ll get traffic for tanks all year long! Nowadays, folks around the PA, OH, and WV Tri-State are using propane-powered portable generators as a backup source of electricity in the event of a power outage, which is subject to occur during winter’s snow and ice storms. In this instance, customers will be visiting your store to get full propane cylinders right now—not to mention the upcoming spring and summer seasons for grilling.

ProGas Offers the Value and Service You Want

When you partner with us and our ProGas ProPane Express tank exchange service, you get a knowledgeable, experienced partner in helping you succeed.

We provide clean, attractive storage cages, and our tanks are thoroughly examined and cleaned before they are delivered to your store. This will make your service more attractive to customers.

Additionally, your workers will be thoroughly trained in the correct and safe handling of propane tanks by our team of expert propane professionals. Just how easy is it? When a customer comes in and requests a cylinder, the clerk goes with the customer to the exchange cabinet. After verifying the valve type, exchanges the cylinder and collects the payment. Done and done!

We also offer a fully customized delivery service that is tailored to your specific requirements that may be adjusted to ensure that you have adequate propane tanks to meet demand. We can also be responsive in a way the big, national propane tank exchanges can’t be because we are based right here in Western Pennsylvania and understand local businesses in the area like no one else can!

Contact us today to find out more at ProPane Express and how ProGas can help your business grow this year—and for years still to come!