Propane Cylinder Deliveries: Easy & Convenient!

We’ll Help Make You End-of-Summer Cookouts So Much Easier!

grill tank delivery service pennsylvaniaThis summer, we’ve noticed that people are really embracing cookouts as a fun, easy way to get together and reconnect with family and friends after an all-too-uncertain year prior.

And how exactly are they grilling? With propane of course! It makes those cookouts even easier because the grill is ready a great deal faster than charcoal, you’ll get precise and instant temperature control so you can make a variety of foods, and cleanup is a snap!

What’s even better? ProGas will always ensure you have enough propane for your grill, whether you’re grilling for the whole gang or just making a quick weeknight dinner.

We offer our gas grill cylinder home delivery service for those who prize convenience and saving time. You don’t have to leave the house to get a fresh, safe, full cylinder of propane!

How Does Propane Cylinder Home Delivery Work?

Requesting a propane delivery to your home is a piece of cake. Just fill out the form on our home delivery page, call us to make your payment, and we will schedule a delivery time. It’s simple as that!

The cost for a cylinder exchange delivery is $33.99 plus tax per cylinder. Extra full cylinders can be purchased for $65.99 plus tax.

You don’t even need to be home for a delivery when returning an empty cylinder! Just tell us on the form where the empties will be located. We’ll take empty bottles away, no matter what the brand. Just so long as they’re in safe condition and up to date.

We also offer a $2 discount on each exchanged propane cylinder when you order more than one tank. You’ll not only have a propane cylinder for your grill, but another one as a backup, or to be used with your propane firepit, outdoor fireplace, camp grill, outdoor cooker, camp stove, deck or patio heater, or propane-powered insect trap!

Easily Locate Cylinders When You’re on the Go!

If you prefer bringing your cylinder for exchange while running errands, or if you need a full cylinder while camping, you can get a full propane cylinder at one of our many PROpane Express locations, too!

PROpane Express locations can be found in gas stations, convenience stores, home improvement stores, and other retail outlets all over our service area of greater Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Ohio. Enter your ZIP Code to find the location nearest you!

Always have enough propane for your summer outdoor fun. Get a full cylinder delivered to your home today! Contact us to learn more.