Gas Gauge Guidelines: Don’t Let Your Propane Gauge Fall Below 20%

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Life can get pretty busy. There’s work, family time, school activities, sports and more that take your time and attention.

Sometimes, chores may fall through the cracks, one of those being checking your propane tank gauge levels. If you put that off too long, it could mean big trouble.

Colder weather like what we get here across Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia this time of year means you need more propane to keep your home warm. If your propane tank is around 20 percent and a cold snap hits, you could run out of propane. A runout leaves your home with no heat, which can lead to frozen or burst pipes as well as uncomfortable, and possibly unsafe, living conditions. To top it off, there’s the hassle and expense of an emergency propane delivery.

Also, too, you don’t have to run out of propane to have potential problems in your home. When you don’t have minimal propane left in your tank and the weather gets cold, the propane gas doesn’t expand as much. That creates low pressure, which means your propane appliances and heating equipment may not get enough propane to operate safely.

What to do if your propane tank is 20 percent full, or lower

Gas gauge guidlines

Call ProGas right away to schedule a propane delivery. We can work with you to set up prompt and safe delivery of propane to your home.

Once you’re filled up, it’s important to note that ProGas has many ways to prevent this problem from happening again!

First, sign up for our Keep Full automatic propane delivery. This takes the work of managing your propane supply off of your to-do list because our computer systems track your propane usage based on the weather and your estimated usage. With that information, we schedule a propane delivery to your home when your tank is around 30 percent full. No more worries over forgetting to check your tank gauge, runouts or having to call for a delivery.

Want even more peace of mind? ProGas offers wireless tank monitors from Tank Utility. These innovative 4G LTE and WiFi propane tank monitors make it easy to know the current level of your tanks. Attached right to your tank, this helps both us, and you, stay on top of your tank levels.

Their user-friendly desktop, as well as and mobile app interfaces, let you set alerts via text or email, track usage in real time and avoid run-outs from anywhere. It simply doesn’t get more convenient than that! Just download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

The monitor is also waterproof and rated to handle temperatures down to -40 Celsius, making it extremely durable year-round. And right now, we’re offering a 4-Month, no-obligation free trial on our Tank Monitors! Contact us and we’ll be happy to get you up and running.

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