Fuel Your Fleet With Autogas This School Year

Save money while reducing emissions, too!

propane school bus fleet pennsylvaniaOur school districts need to make every penny count, especially these days.

And did you know there’s an easy way to help your school district save money, without any loss in performance? That’s right, converting your school bus fleet to run on propane autogas with ProGas is exactly what you need to do!

It’s no longer a secret: Both public and private schools all over the United States have made the move to autogas. Close to 1 million children in about 850 public and private school districts in 48 states are brought to and from school each school day on buses powered by propane autogas.

The benefits of autogas for school buses

Using autogas is a healthy move for your school bus fleet for a number of reasons. You’ll get a return on your investment of converting your fleet to autogas largely because autogas burns so much cleaner than diesel. That clean-burning means less wear on engines, less maintenance and on average, far fewer breakdowns and repairs over the course of the vehicle’s lifespan. Without needing to constantly account for repairs, or adding new vehicles to the fleet altogether, that can help ease some pressure off of already-maxed budgets.

Also, with the clean-burning benefits of autogas, the emissions of your fleet will be greatly reduced. That’s not only better for the environment, but it means the air children and bus drivers are both breathing will be cleaner as well.

Pennsylvania is one of the top states when it comes to school buses using autogas. That’s because school districts like yours are discovering all the advantages autogas offers!

You’ve probably noticed it can get pretty cold here in greater Pittsburgh in the winter. In very cold weather, once the temperature drops below 20˚ Fahrenheit, the diesel used to power conventional school buses can have gelling. Gelling is when diesel thickens in the cold, becoming a gel-like substance. When diesel gels, it can no longer be pumped into the engine. That means school buses parked outdoors in a lot, as most are, aren’t going anywhere for a while; an inconvenience for everyone involved.

Autogas, however does not gel. So, your buses will run even in the coldest of cold snaps.

ProGas helps with autogas conversions

We start by referring you to a top-quality provider of autogas conversions. While that is happening, we go to work creating an autogas filling station at your district’s bus depot. If an on-site filling station isn’t your go-to, fear not, as we provide the reliable, safe propane autogas deliveries you need all school year-long so your fleet will always be ready to roll.

Contact us to learn more about our available autogas services in Butler, Beaver & Allegheny Counties in PA, as well as OH and WV!