Forklift Propane Cylinder Exchange and Refill Services

Partner with ProGas for all your propane-powered forklift needs!

propane forklifts Pennsylvania Forklifts are used in a wide range of businesses such as construction, manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers, chemical plants and paving. More and more of those businesses are discovering all the benefits of using propane forklift cylinders to power their forklifts!

ProGas provides complete propane forklift cylinder services. We’ll put our decades of commercial propane experience to work for your business making sure your forklifts have the fuel they need to get the job done.

We’ll help create the perfect cylinder exchange solution!

Our commercial propane experts will go over your business, how many propane forklifts you have and how they are utilized. With that, we’ll create a forklift cylinder exchange program tailored specifically to your business, not some one-size-fits-all plan. Here’s what we offer:

Customized scheduling. Whether you need cylinder exchanges several times a week, once a week or monthly, it’s your call!

Flexible service agreements. We offer both month-to-month or long-term contracts so you can choose which best suits your business.

Storage setups. Our professional service includes installing sturdy and secure on-site cylinder storage cages at your business or at your job site.

Training for your employees. We will review all procedures for the safe handling and use of propane forklift cylinders and other safety issues for you and your staff.

Cylinder review. We will ensure that your cylinder inventory is current and we carefully inspect each cylinder before sending it out for delivery.

We offer on-site refills and dispensing stations, too.

ProGas is the Tri-State area’s leader in bulk propane delivery and service. We apply that to helping you set up a forklift cylinder refill site at your business.

It starts with us using your information about your forklift propane needs to design a propane dispensing station so you can refill your forklift cylinders when you need them. We create a personalized and flexible bulk propane delivery schedule.

As with all our commercial propane tank services, your propane dispensing station will be designed and installed to meet all zoning, building, and safety codes and regulations. We also provide training for you and your employees in the safe use of the dispensing station and the filling and handling of your forklift cylinders.

What are the advantages of propane forklifts?

Power for hours. The average propane forklift cylinder provides enough power to last an entire shift—around eight hours’ time. Your workers won’t waste any time when the forklift runs out of propane! They simply swap out the empty tank for a fresh one and resume working in as little as five minutes. Unlike electric forklifts that gradually lose power as they run out of fuel, propane forklifts keep running at full strength until the cylinder needs to be replaced. Additionally, propane forklifts not only carry heavier loads, but they have also been proven to be better on inclines than electric forklifts. All of this helps your work get done more efficiently.

Propane works in all weather. Most electric forklifts can’t operate in wet conditions, but propane models can be used both in wet and dry environments. If you’re moving materials indoors from the outside, or vice-versa, propane forklifts can get the job done safely and easily. Unlike gasoline-powered forklifts, propane forklifts can be used indoors.

Better for your forklifts.  Propane is a clean-burning fuel, so it will be less damaging to your forklift engines. Your forklifts will last longer and need fewer repairs with propane as a fuel source. This will help your business save money in the long run. Because of propane’s low emissions, it’s also better than electricity or gasoline forklifts for the environment.

Put ProGas to work for your business’s forklift propane cylinder needs. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation with our commercial propane experts.