Boost Business with a PROpane Express Tank Exchange from ProGas!

Get a hassle-free addition to your business’s revenue stream

propane exchange program pennsylvaniaThere have been a lot of changes in the retail industry in the last decade. Between the increase in online shopping, economic twists and turns, and the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all shop a little different than we used to.

Those changes have led to new challenges for retail store owners here in Western Pennsylvania. Many are looking for ways to not only grow their customer base but also to develop their brand identity and customer loyalty.

ProGas offers an opportunity for retail stores like yours to do all of that with our PROpane Express propane cylinder exchange program! We partner with retail establishments all over our service area, such as:

  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Garden centers
  • Home improvement stores

Adding PROpane Express propane cylinder exchange brings in customers who may not have come to your store before. Once they’re in, they are more likely to make other purchases. For example, if you have a convenience or grocery store and a customer comes in for a propane cylinder, they will likely get any other grilling supplies they need at your store, too. This not only adds to your revenue, it helps create repeat customers who know they can count on your store for their propane cylinders.

What’s the PROpane Express advantage?

Because ProGas is locally owned and operated, we can provide the prompt, personalized service your retail business needs and deserves. We understand the unique needs of businesses in our area and can be responsive to those needs in a way that large, national propane companies can’t.

Our propane experts will create a customized propane exchange program for your business. We can quickly and easily adjust the program as your needs grow and change.

We make having a propane cylinder exchange at your business easy because we handle everything! ProGas comes to your store and sets up safe, clean, and attractive storage cabinets for the cylinders installed to all local and federal safety codes and regulations. We also supply signage to help attract customers.

ProGas will also thoroughly train you and your employees in how cylinder exchanges, and how to safely handle propane cylinders. When ready, we then supply you with the cylinders.

Before we send cylinders out for delivery to your store, they are thoroughly inspected for safety and cleaned. We have scheduled PROpane Express delivery routes, so you know that we’ll be in your area regularly. But if you need more cylinders before that, contact us and we’ll make a special delivery.

PROpane Express is easy for you and your employees. When a customer comes in to ask for a cylinder exchange, the employee walks the customer outside to the exchange cabinet, verifies the valve type, exchanges the cylinder, and returns to into the store to ring up the purchase and collect the payment from the customer. The customer goes back out to the exchange cabinet and picks up their new cylinder.

Put the power of PROpane Express propane cylinder exchange to work to grow your retail business. Contact ProGas today to get started!