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Bulk propane and propane delivery for business in PA, OH & WV

If your business uses propane, your business needs ProGas! If your business uses propane, your business needs ProGas! We offer tailored solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial businesses that rely on propane for space heating, water heating, cooking and more.

These businesses include hotels, restaurants, retail stores, contractors/builders/developers, warehouses, greenhouses, and farms (for agricultural crop drying).

We also supply propane as a motor fuel for truck fleets, forklifts and other propane-powered vehicles. Read more about propane autogas.

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Bulk delivery

ProGas will provide your business with the proper size of propane storage tanks. We understand that each business is different, so we will work with you to establish a delivery program that meets your requirements. You can count on an uninterrupted propane supply with our automatic-delivery system.

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Forklift & Commercial Exchange

ProGas will provide your business with full cylinders and exchange them for empties on a regular scheduled route. Whatever the size you need—20-pound grill cylinders, 33-pound forklift cylinders or 100-pound roofer’s cylinders (vapor or liquid), ProGas can handle it for you.

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Tank planning for your commercial business

ProGas provides propane gas service for a wide range of commercial consumers. We will design a fuel-storage system to safely and economically meet each customer’s unique needs. Our professional team of design and installation experts can spec units, facilitate the permit process, interface with subcontractors, handle the tank installation, replenish the fuel supply and connect appliances.

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Gas Grill Exchange – Become a Dealer Location

The easy way to add value, convenience, traffic, and profit is through our Propane Express Cylinder Exchange! Users can drop off their empties and pick up competitively priced Propane Express refills that have been safety checked and reconditioned to be good as new. If you’re looking for a new way to build your bottom line and keep your business growing, consider the advantages of the Propane Express Cylinder Exchange Program.

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Propane dispensing stations

ProGas can also design a propane dispensing station while keeping all zoning, building, safety and training requirements in mind. We have installed many stations for companies that refill their own forklift cylinders, auto/truck engine fuel, temporary heat cylinders, hot-air balloons, and myriad other applications.

If you use propane for your tri-state business and want to learn more about our commercial and industrial propane service, contact us today. Ready to become a customer? Go here.