3 Environmental Benefits Of Propane As A Source Of Energy

Propane: Far Cleaner, Far Greener!

forklift tank exchangeIf you use propane for your home or business, you know what a versatile, efficient energy source it is.

It can be used for home heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, space heating, grilling, clothes drying, and even more! In business, it is an essential fuel for many industries like manufacturing, agriculture, warehouses, and distribution centers.

But there’s another benefit propane offers: It’s better for the environment than other energy sources. Here are three ways that holds true:

Breathe easier with propane

Did you know that propane creates fewer than half the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity to produce the same amount of energy? That’s because more than 40% of the electricity used in the United States is produced by coal-fired power plants. The pollution those plants create can lead to larger issues like smog and acid rain.

But, the combustion of propane does not create anywhere near enough emissions to cause those problems.

And, unlike gasoline, heating oil, or diesel fuels, a propane spill doesn’t cause any environmental damage. It simply dissipates into the air with no damage to the air, water, aquatic or marine life, soil, or plant life.

Propane’s energy efficiency is more eco-friendly

Using less energy is one of the best ways we can help protect the environment. When you add up the total energy consumed (meaning the energy used in the extraction, processing, and transportation of a fuel to its point of use), propane beats electricity by a mile! Using this analysis, propane is defined as 87% efficient. Electricity, in comparison, is only 32% efficient.

Propane reduces your carbon footprint

Propane autogas is already powering school buses, police cars, and other vehicles in communities around the world, including greater Pittsburgh. Many businesses are also converting to using propane to fuel their vehicles and equipment including forklifts, generators, construction heating, commercial mowers and more!

Propane has a lower carbon content than petroleum products. That means propane burns cleaner and creates fewer emissions. Converting a vehicle to propane can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90% from its gasoline counterparts.

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